Chapter 6 - Old Friend, New Problems

Chapter Six – Old Friend, New Problems

''All right that’s it Z, I’m sick of watching you sit around and mope.'' Ivy complained at me. I had been sitting on my bed for the past hour. Ivy had come in half an hour ago and as the minutes passed I could tell that she was getting bored.

''And what are you going to do about my mopiness?'' I asked raising an eyebrow at her. Her lips curved into a wicked smile and she walked over to my bed.

''I'm going to give you two options. Your first option is to go to the library with me and do math’s homework OR we can get out of the academy and go into town and get some proper food.'' She gave me a knowing smile. A smile which said that she knew what I would prefer doing. I groaned and rolled over from my tummy onto my back.

''And what if I don't choose any of that?'' I asked just to see if I could get out of her games.

''Then I'll go and get Zack and I’ll get him to sing until you give in.'' Her smile grew even more and I groaned once more. I hated to admit this but I was going to give in.

''Anything but Zack singing,'' I giggled and sat up on my bed. She gave me another smile though this one was much kinder.

''Alright we're going into town.'' She giggled as she danced out of my room. I had to smile at that as I got up and got dressed. I was already semi-dressed so it wasn't long before I caught up to Ivy whom was sitting on the couch getting chatted up by Nathan. I smiled at that and when Nathan caught me smiling at them I saw in his eyes how happy he was. I didn't know if something was going on in between them but I was glad that he liked Ivy and not me that would have caused even more issues than I already had.

''Hey Z,'' Nathan said, Ivy turned around at that. She seemed just as happy as Nathan if not more.

''Sorry Nat, I've got to steal this redhead off of you for a while.'' I said grinning from ear to ear.

''I'm sorry Nat, she's right I've got to go but can I see you later?'' Ivy asked, her eyes seemed apologetic as they twinkled at Nathan.

''You can come and see me whenever you like.'' He said before he kissed her on the check. ''Go and have some fun.'' I thought I heard him whisper before he walked away from us and into his bedroom. Ivy sat there unmoving, her eyes glazed over. I went and stood in front of her.

''Alright spill.'' I said knowing that she knew what I meant. She gave me a dreamy look - and no answer - so I pulled her out of the room. We made our way down to the parking lot and we jumped into her car. I sat myself in the driver’s seat refusing to let her drive in her drunken state.

''Okay, so what was that all about?'' I asked once she had buckled her seat belt.

''What was what all about?'' She asked playing dumb but she couldn't fool me; mostly because she was a horrible liar.

''Whatever was going on between you and Nathan... Wait, do you like him?'' I asked as I started the car’s engine. I stole a look at her and noticed that she was blushing. I also noticed that she hadn't answered my question.

''It’s okay if you like him. I'm not going to get mad.'' I said teasingly, wishing that she understood what I meant which was that in no way on earth would I ever and I mean never like Nathan in that way.

''He just started chatting to me.'' She said, keeping her eyes on me she continued ''And I've kind of liked for a while now, but I've never had the courage to approach him. Not until today.'' She said quietly, I stole another quick glance at her. She had turned her eyes away from me but I understood her embarrassment as much as I noticed her shyness to the situation.

''Well at least he likes you back right? I mean I heard and saw what he did at the end there. He obviously likes you too.'' At least her situation with Nathan was easily fixable. They both liked each other so it was as easy as just admitting their feelings and getting together. ''You should go for it Ivy. Just take a chance and I'll be right behind you supporting you every step of the way.'' I said she met my eyes at that and smiled and I mean a real, genuine smile.

''Thank you Z,'' She said, her smile staying in place as well did her blush. I returned her smile.

''You’re welcome,'' I replied.

''And now it’s my turn to ask questions.'' She said. I mentally groaned. I knew that this was coming but I didn't expect it to be so soon.

''Why were you moping around back at the academy?'' She asked, obviously intrigued.

''What would you prefer the truth or a lie?'' I asked. Stealing a quick look at her face I knew the answer to my own question. ''First of all I wasn't moping around, I was thinking and secondly I was thinking of what the hell I was going to do about Zack and Damien. They started a whole fight over me in combat, it’s not like I don't like Zack but I don't love him either and I can't be with Damien because he is with Nichole.'' I said in a rush, finally glad to get that out into the open. She looked at me with an open mouth. I had to admit that she looked like a fish.

''O-my-goodness, they really started a fight over you in combat?'' she asked, I again mentally groaned.

''Yea, they did. But what the hell am I going to do about them?'' I asked. She was slow to answer so I think she was contemplating what she was going to say.

''Let it play out. Sure they'll fight over you but you'll get to choose who is the winner.'' She stated. I pulled over outside a nice look little restaurant and stole a final look at her.

''I guess I could do that but right now let’s go eat.'' I said. She gave me a funny look but I couldn't understand what the look was for, so I ignored it. I switched off the engine and got out of the car, locking the door behind me.


''Could I please get the mushroom ravioli?'' I said, placing my order. The cook my father had hired in New York made the best mushroom ravioli so I was eager to bet that this would not be the best mushroom ravioli I would have ever tasted but there was a chance that this could be better and I was desperate to find out.

“And can I please have the ravioli di manzo al sangue.'' Ivyasked giving the waiter a sweet smile. I could almost swear to it that I could see her fangs. The waiter must of too because his eyes widened in fear for a minute before he walked silently away with our orders.

''So what did you order?'' I asked. She turned her sweet smile onto me. I didn't flinch though now I could see her fangs; the little redhead bloodsucker.

''Same thing as you though just a little different so it suits my... diet.'' She said, her eyes twinkling at the last word. ''For vampires Z, we are taught to speak the most common and natural language to us, which was ultimately Latin but seeing that no-one uses Latin anymore we are taught Italian, werewolves are taught Greek, the fair folk are taught Russian, and demons and angels have their own language. Were all taught differently yet we all know English too. It comes in handy to use a different language when ordering in restaurants. A lot of people would have been shocked if I had ordered a beef ravioli with blood.'' She joked though I knew that she was only trying to comfort me it didn't help relax my nerves when the waiter brought our dishes to us, mine had been cooked in red wine and so the liquid was thin where as Ivy's dish held a thick red liquid which I knew she would devour of every drop. She gave me a smile before digging into her dish. I took a breath in and then released it. I also picked up my fork and scooped a piece of ravioli and mushroom and took a bite. The flavors danced on my tongue and I tried as best as I could to hold back a moan. This was good, almost too good to be true. It taste just as good as mark's did. I had to see the chef after this just to make sure that it was or wasn't him. I didn't dare look at Ivy as she devoured her meal but I kept my eyes on my food alone.

''Are you done yet?'' She asked after a while of us not talking.

''Mmmhmm,'' I mumbled around the last bit of ravioli in my mouth. I swallowed the chunk and placed my foot down.

''I want to see the chef please,'' I said to the waiter whom was passing us by.

''Can I ask whom would like to see him?'' The waiter asked, giving me a funny look.

''Certainly, my name is Zoey.'' I replied. The waiter kept the funny look on his face as he walked away from us.

''Do you really think that he will get the chef?'' Ivy asked. I turned my eyes -that had been following the waiter - onto Ivy who had been sitting there in silence unrebuking to my request for the chef.

''Well I certainly hope so,'' I replied, I wanted, no needed to know who the chef was here.

''Zoey! Zoey!'' I heard someone shout my name. I turned around and found that it was indeed mark, though it obviously looked like he wasn't the chef here.

''Omg Mark! What are you doing here?'' I asked as he sat down next to me at the table.

''Silly girl, I work here. But the question isn't what I am doing it’s what you are doing here, I thought you were meant to be in Japan with your parents.'' He said. He had gripped my hands in his, his hands oozed warmth where as Damien’s would have been like having my hands wrapped in ice.

I gave mark a smile and pushed all thoughts of Damien away. ''I go to St. Ashcroft, I wanted to stay at one place for a while and my parents obliged.'' I told him, happy to finally see him again.

''I noticed that you order the mushroom ravioli, tell me was it good?'' He asked, giving my hands a squeeze.

''Was it good? Mark, it was unbelievable. Did you give them your secret recipe?'' I asked, his eyes twinkled at the sound of my praise for the good food.

''Yea I did, now that I am the head chef here I thought I might reveal it.'' He said, I laughed at that, I knew he was the chef here; with food that tasted so great it wasn't much of a surprise.

''Z we have to go,'' Ivy said softly, I turned my gaze away from mark and to Ivy.

''Alright, just give me a moment.'' I said, giving her a smile. My eyes drifted back to mark.

''Look if you ever need some good food, and I mean ever just give me a call, and I'll cook up anything that you want.'' Mark said, I gave him a smile and as we stood up he wrapped me up in a bear hug. His muscular arms almost crushing me into dust.

''Oh God I've missed you Zoey'' He whispered in my ear. He let me go a little bit before letting me go completely.

''I've missed you too mark,'' I said before I walked away from him and outside where I found Ivy waiting inside of the car. I quickly joined her before I could do anything stupid.

''O-my-goodness! Who was that?'' Ivy asked as she drove away from town.

''That was mark, we hired him a few years ago, back when my parents and I were in New York. It’s been years since I've seen him.'' I said a smiling on my face. I was remembering the memories mark and I had made. Like our Christmas tradition of sitting around the fire and saying things that we were grateful for that year, mark had always said that he was grateful for our family; he said that my mum and dad were great bosses and that he was grateful that he had the pleasure to just know me. It had always made me smile and laugh but just thinking back to those times I remembered the look in his eyes, they were so serious at times and yet at times like that they were not only serious but they were adoring.

''Hey Z, we're back.'' Ivy said as she clicked her fingers in front of my face. She saw something move in the rearview mirror and she got away from my face.

''And your lover boy’s are here to welcome you back.'' She said before she got out of the car. I noticed that she said boys and not boy. I mentally groaned before I too got out of the car.

''Where the heck have you been Z? I've been worried sick!'' Zack shouted to me when he was about five meters away.

''You've been worried sick; you don't know how worried I've been. I thought she might have gone off with Christian after what happened earlier.'' Damien yelled at Zack. Damien thought I was with Christian but I hadn't seen Christian since yesterday afternoon in the magic study class.

''Well you don't have to worry anymore, we are here and safe.'' Ivy said to the boys before turning to me, ''I'll see you later Z.'' She said leaving me alone with the boys.

''Damien... What are you doing near that lowlife,'' Nichole called from the doorway in nothing but a very short black dress. I could tell that Damien was struggling to ignore her but when she walked over and laid a kiss on his lips all signs of struggle were gone. It was like she had put him underneath a spell.

''Nothing babe,'' He replied, in a dazed voice. Before he wrapped his arm around her and walked away.

''Okay what the hell was that?'' I asked Zack. He turned his eyes away from them and on to me.

''I don't know but I don't want to find out either.'' Zack said, turning his eyes back onto the retreating couple. I didn't know either but I was dying to find out because believe it or not I was starting to think that there was something seriously wrong about Nichole.
The End

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