Chapter 5 - Time Will Tell

Chapter 5 – Time will Tell 

“Whoa Zoey what’s wrong?” I heard Zack call out to me as he ran over to where I was. He must have seen the fear in my eyes. He approached me carefully, for the first time I saw that he was unsure. You could even say that he was scared... maybe of me rather than for me. I flinched away from him before he could wrap me up in a hug. He was one of them. 

“What the hell is wrong with her Damien? She goes off to one class with you and look at her! She is scared out of her mind!” Zack yelled, obviously at Damien. I could hear his voice rising higher and higher but I didn’t dare look at them. Not after what I just learnt. 

“Look dude, It wasn’t my fault. She was going to find out sooner or later, and it’s probably better that she found out through a history lesson rather than someone trying to have her as a snack.” Damien yelled right back at Zack. At least Zack was trying to protect me. I knew that Damien couldn’t care less, he had her after all. 

“Baby is something wrong?” Nichole’s sickly sweet voice carried off into my ear. 

“Nothing’s wrong Nichole. Zack and I were just having a conversation.” Damien replied. His voice seemed tired, though of what I wasn’t sure. 

“It seemed like a very loud conversation to me. Baby, what are you doing later?” Nichole asked Damien, again using that sickly sweet voice. 

“Nothing babe, what did you have in mind?” Damien asked Nichole. His voice still seemed tired but I didn’t dare look at him, especially not while she was there. 

“Um nothing special, why don’t I come over later?” She asked again. Her voice was really getting to me. I saw my hands shaking and shoved them into my pockets. I was not going to get angry. He had had every right to move on from me. I surely didn’t expect him to be waiting around forever but I hadn’t expected to see him ever again, so why did it matter anyways? 

“Sure, why don’t you come after dinner?” Damien asked again. I looked up for a moment wondering what had happened to Zack. I noticed that he was gone; he must have escaped when Nichole came. Great, I looked like an idiot listening in to their conversation. 

“Alright baby, I’ll see you then.” She replied, kissing him on the lips. When she pulled back her eyes flickered to me and she smiled, her pearly white teeth too bright for any normal person but she was just as normal as everyone else around her, well except for me. 

“Z, I’m sorry you found out like that. I had hoped that I could have told you what we were but it seems that the teach beat me to it.” Damien said, taking a few extra steps towards me. I backed up and felt the wall against my back; he was too close there was no escape. 

“Z, you don’t have to be afraid. I won’t hurt you.” He said again though he didn’t dare come any closer. I could see that he was hurt because I was afraid of him. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked, finally having found my voice though it was not loud at all. He smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth at me. 

“Would you believe me if I had told you?” He asked, taking a small step closer towards me. We were so close that our bodies were almost touching and if he took another step closer he would have been able to kiss me. Thankfully the bell rang and I was saved from having to answer him, he stepped away from me and in a blink of an eye Zack was in front of me. 

“Hey Z, let’s go. We’ve got lit, you’re going to absolutely love Ms. Zanderbal.” Zack said as he pulled me off towards our next class. I looked back over my shoulder to see that Damien was still there, watching Zack pull me away from him. I averted my gaze. I couldn’t allow myself to fall in love with him again. Besides he already had a girlfriend and I would hate to break that up... not. Zack pulled me into the classroom, before the bell could ring and dragged me over to where we were going to be sitting. 

“Were learning about Romeo and Juliet.” Zack whispered in my ear. At last a normal class. Romeo and Juliet was one of my most favourite love stories ever, I had even preformed Juliet’s monologue before her tragic death for a ball my mother’s company had held a few years ago in New York; Though that’s another story. 

“Really? I love that story.” I whispered back. I had my hands under the table and as Zack and I kept our eye contact, his fingers softly brushed over my hand. He smiled at me, as the tingling feeling disappeared and I averted my gaze. Did Zack like me? Surely he didn’t but we had been hanging out together since I came to the academy. Ms. Zanderbal walked into the classroom then and her eyes quickly found me, already seated in her classroom. 

“Hello Miss Whitlock. I am Ms. Zanderbal your literature teacher.” She welcomed me then turned her attention to Zack (who was sitting next to me) “Mr. Rimes could you please get Miss Whitlock a book from the back closet. I’m sure you can figure out which ones she will need.” She said as he got from his chair and flashed to the back of the class room and back with a Romeo and Juliet play booklet in his hand. He handed it to me as he took his seat again. “Okay class turn to page 156. Can I have Miss. Whitlock speak Juliet’s lines; Mr. Rimes speak Romeo’s lines...” I tuned out as she asked other people to speak the parts. She had asked me to speak Juliet’s lines and Zack to speak Romeo’s lines. There shouldn’t have been anything weird with that but it just felt wrong to me but I didn’t complain. We were just saying the lines; the lines meant nothing to any of us. The class continued, we spoke out the play, Zack eyes drifting to me at times while he spoke the lines, though I mainly kept my eyes on the text in front of me. I was grateful when the bell rang but I almost cursed when I checked my schedule.... I had combat training. How the heck was I meant to fight against a vampire? I followed Zack to the ‘gym’. It was already pack with a group of fifty other students and two teachers. One of the teachers – who’s female – walked over to me and Zack. 

“Hello it’s nice to meet you Zoey, I’m Miss Ashcroft but you can call me Jenny.” She said to me, holding out her hand for me to shake. She held my hand gently as she took my hand and shook it.

 “I heard about your... uh... condition Zoey. I will be putting you with Ivy one of more suitable companions for you Zoey. Zack please go and join your partner.” She dismissed Zack and he went and joined another guy in the room. Jenny led me over to Ivy; she was a small, pale, blond girl. She looked like a ghost with all her pale complexion. She held no weapons but her body was tight, ready for a fight. Her eyes danced with fire, possibly with hope that she would be able to take down me... the human girl. Jenny walked away from us leaving us to fight amongst ourselves. She didn’t say anything but I prepared myself for the worse. She jumped at me then and she had me tackled to the floor in less than five minutes. This fight kept on happening between us for the rest of the lesson. Though I did get quite a few good hits in, I mainly lost. It was no surprise though, I was fighting against a vampire for goodness sake. When the bell rang Ivy changed from fierce and competitive to what must have been her normal self. 

“Sorry about that. I’m Ivy by the way and you are?” She asked, helping me off of the floor again. I smiled; she seemed nice, though she had probably given me more bruises than I had ever had before at any one time. 

“No don’t be sorry. I’m Zoey. What are you doing for lunch?” I asked hopefully. Maybe Ivy and I could be friends. So far I had no friends here at the academy that were girls. 

“Uh nothing,” She replied nervously. She swapped her weight -what little weight there was- from one foot to another.

“Do you want to join me for lunch?” I asked. Her eyes lit up by my suggestion and I took that as a yes. I could tell that we were going to be great friends. 

“Hey Zoey, Hey Ivy.” Zack said as he met us at the door. He was smiling and he didn’t seem to have a single bruise on him. 

“Ivy’s going to join us for lunch.” I told Zack, he seemed surprised by this but he didn’t seem upset which was a good thing. I didn’t want my two new friends fighting with each other. 

“Well let’s go then!” Zack said excitedly. I heard a low grumble coming from his stomach. Ivy and I laughed as Zack looked sheepish. He must have been very hungry. We ran off to the cafeteria, they were much faster than me considering all aspects of their nature but I knew that they were trying to stay as close to me as possible so that I could keep up with them. We had reached the cafeteria in five minutes. They rushed over to the food line with me running right after them. They both got a can of red bull and a plate of ravioli. I also got a plate of ravioli and a can of Coke. We went and joined the others at our normal table. Damien was there but his arm wasn’t around Nichole like it was before. However she was leaning all over him. Nathan and Christian just looked like they were sick of Nichole but I knew they wouldn’t say anything to Damien. Everyone but Nichole noticed that Zack, Ivy and I were there. All their eyes were fixed on me alone. By the looks on their face I knew that they knew that I found out who they were. Lunch went on, as breakfast had. Everyone talking to everyone, I kept to myself though. I didn’t know if I could trust Nathan or Christian yet, though Zack I knew would never hurt me. Ivy I wasn’t sure about either but for now I tried to trust her and Damien... well Damien I would never know, whether I should or should I say could trust him but I knew that I had to try and trust him. The bell rang again signalling the free period.

“So what are you guys doing now for free period?” I asked, speaking up once out of the past forty minutes. 

“Well I’m going to the games room.” Christian said, Nathan was trying to say ‘me too’ around a mouthful of food but it came out as something unintelligible. 

“Nichole and I are going to watch a movie.” Damien replied, looking at me with an unfathomable expression. Did he wish that it were him and I rather than him and Nichole? I couldn’t be quite sure. 

“And I’m going to the library.” Ivy replied keeping her eyes on the table. She took a sip out of her red bull can, not giving any other information. 

“Well I’m going to the pool but you can join me if you want.” Zack suggested, giving me a sweet smile. I smiled back. Zack was obviously interested in me so why couldn’t I be interested in him too? Maybe it had to do with the glare that Damien was giving Zack.

“Sure, just give me a bit to change.” I said giving Zack a smile. I walked off with Zack towards our dorm and I couldn’t ignore Damien’s eyes staring at us as we walked away from the cafeteria. Zack and I made small talk as we walked towards our dorm, we just talked about the few teachers I had met so far and we talked a little about our shared lit class today. We parted ways when we got inside the dorms so that we could get changed. I changed into my red and black bikini and slipped on one of my extra large avenged sevenfold band tee before I slipped out of my room and meeting back up with Zack. He had only a pair of black board shorts on. His bare chest was perfectly built, his pecks and abs look far too strong to be natural like that. He grinned when he caught me staring.

“Like what you see?” He asked, still grinning from ear to ear. I swallowed down the breath that had got stuck in my throat and smiled back. 

“Let’s go Z,” He said softly. Not daring to take my hand. We walked in silence towards the pool but though we said nothing, there was electricity dancing between us. I wondered if he could feel it too but the thought fled from me when I saw the indoor swimming pool and let me just say this it was freaking huge. Probably the largest pool I had ever seen. The hour passed quickly as I watched him do laps in the pool.  I watched him as he pulled himself out of the pool. He was dripping wet and it made his bare chest look unbelievably sexy and yet as I stared at him, a soft nagging voice inside of my head kept repeating Damien’s name. I tried as best as I could to forget that voice but it was almost impossible. He dried himself off, and when he turned back to me, he lifted an eyebrow at me, a smile still on his face. As if he was mentally saying “Do you like what you see?” I laughed and he chuckled. We walked back to our dorm in silence, just enjoying each other’s company. We got to our dorm and parted again to go and get changed. I was excited I was had Equine learning, so I got to spend another whole hour with one of my most favourite animals; Horses. As so as I was dressed comfortably I ran off towards the stables. There weren’t many students in this class and so a lot of the horses were unattended. 

“Hello Zoey,” A soft feminine voice resounded behind me. I turned around to find another teacher behind me. 

“How do you know my name?” I asked. She didn’t seem surprised that that was my first question. 

“I’ve heard a lot about you. I also know what you are.” She flashed me a smile.

“Don’t worry I know what it’s like. I was once in your shoes too.” She sighed but didn’t continue. The rest of the students had already gone to their horses but I stood there not knowing where to go. 

“Come on I’ll introduce you to your horse.” The lady said again, walking off towards the back of the stables. I followed her until she stopped outside of a single stall. It held a black mare inside of it. She looked dangerous but I smiled neither the less because no matter how dangerous she look she was even more beautiful. Her coat was black as midnight and her hair was just as black but silky smooth. Her black tail flicked behind her and her silver eyes looked at me curiously.

“Zoey I’d like you to meet Fajera.” I walked over to the mare carefully slowly. Let her see that I wasn’t going to cause her harm. I put my hand above her nose and as I kept eye contact with the mare she lifted her head into my hand. 

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered to the mare. The lady teacher seemed surprised by how much I was connecting with the mare but didn’t say anything. 

“Zoey clean her up and clean out the stall. I just want you and Fajera to get to know each other for now.” The teacher said again. She was smiling now for some unfathomable reason that I just didn’t know. 

“Thank you...” I began to say when I realized that I didn’t know her name. She was still smiling as she replied “Call me Meg” before she walked off. I looked into Fajera’s silver eyes and smiled. I could easily get lost in this world especially if I had a mare just as special as Fajera. The hour disappeared in what felt like only minutes. Before I knew it Meg was telling kids to pack up their cleaning utensils. I had already pack away the things I used and made sure that Fajera had enough hay and water to eat and drink before I could see her again. When Meg reached my stall she only smiled before walking off. She hadn’t said anything and so I took that as a good sign. I had ‘magic’ study next. Though what I would be able to do in that class I had no idea. Maybe If I was like everyone else around here I’d be able to do something but I couldn’t do anything but rather than ditching I decided to go to the class just to see what it was like. There were five teachers to this class, each teacher were handling five different groups of students. Four of those groups were fairly large, fifteen at most to each group but the fifth group was quite small, there were six in that group. The teacher from the smallest group called me over and so I walked over to that teacher. 

“Welcome Miss Whitlock. I am Professor Silvio. Can you tell me what you specialize in?” He asked but I didn’t know how to respond to that. I had thought that everyone had heard that I was human but obviously not everyone had. 

“Um Sir, I’m human. I don’t do magic.” I replied. He looked surprised and then it seemed as if something clicked. 

“Um alright, well just give me a moment to get these guys doing something and I’ll be with you in a minute.” He turned back to the group around him and told them to practice some trick that he called “the switch”. They paired up and started practicing the trick. Professor Silvio turned towards me then. 

“Alright Miss Whitlock, seeing that you don’t actually do any magic I’m just going to get you to do some extra study. You can use the computers in the back of the room. I’m not going to ask you to show me the work that you’ve done but I expect you to be working and not using the computers for your personal use. Do you understand?” He asked, silently daring me to object but I replied with a soft ‘yes’ and turned towards the computers. I couldn’t help but notice that all the guys in my dorm were in different groups, Zack amongst the group who were learning ‘water’ magic, Christian in the group who were learning ‘earth’ magic, Nathan in the group who were learning ‘air’ magic and Damien in the group who were learning ‘fire’ magic. None of them were in the fifth group. Who were just sitting there not saying anything for long periods of time. There was only one type of element left seeing that the four other groups were fire, air, water and earth the fifth group must have been... spirit. I tried to do study but I couldn’t help from watching Damien use fire. I saw it spark to life in his hands and then die again. I heard the teachers get cranky at those who tried to use their powers for fighting, the teachers were yelling at them to remember that magic is meant to be used for good and not for evil that it was meant to help them and not to be used as a weapon. By the time that the class had ended I had done very little studying because I was fascinated by the rest of the class and their studies of magic. When the bell rang I saw Zack walking over to me. I turned back to the computer and logged off before I turned back around to find Zack behind me. 

“Hey Zoey,” Zack said from beside me. I smiled at him and started walking off towards the door. 

“Hey Zack,” I replied as I made my way out the door. I could feel eyes staring – or more so glaring - at the back of my head. I had a rough idea of who it was but I couldn’t be sure if it was him. 

“Come with me to combat training, please?” He asked, smiling from ear to ear again. The sizzle of electricity there was between us before came back though it was only very soft. I smiled back at him. 

“And what get more bruises? No thanks” I said jokingly, still smiling though after all that had happened today I was very sore. 

“I promise you won’t have to do any fighting.” He begged. I laughed, putting up my hands in surrender. 

“Alright, Alright I’ll go... just don’t give me the puppy dog eyes.” I replied in surrender following after him to his next class. He took my hand and pulled me along. We ran into the class and I sat down on the bench, I saw Damien walk into the class room as well. He walked right over to Zack, he was smiling at Damien stupidly as if he had no worries in the world. They talked, Damien seemed very angry and Zack just looked slightly worried. He stole a few glances at me and Damien yelled at him more when he did he look at me. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I could tell that Damien was holding back until the teacher told them to start. The teacher walked into the room and saw that everyone was waiting to start the class. The teacher blew the whistle and I saw Damien’s fist smash right into Zack’s face, who was completely unprepared. Zack stumbled a few steps back and rubbed his face. Damien’s punch must have hurt like hell because Zack’s cheek had gone red from the punch. He threw a few hits at Damien but Damien dodged them easily. Damien had a wicked look in his eyes and Zack was yelling now at the top of his lungs. 

“Dude, I don’t know what your problem is. It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or anything. I even doubt that she’s interested in you.” Zack spat. Was he talking about me? Damien stole a glance at me then and turned back to Zack anger dancing in his eyes. 

“And what, you think she is interested in you?” He yelled back. I stood up quickly. I couldn’t believe they were fighting over me! It was just such an idiotic thing for them to do. I didn’t even get why Damien would care, he had Nichole after all. I ran up towards them, the rest of the class had gathered around them watching them fight. I pushed through the crowd though barely giving them a thought; I had to stop Damien and Zack before they killed each other. I knew that Damien was on the offensive, so it was more important to stop him and not Zack – whom was on the defensive side of this fight. I slipped in between Zack and Damien and put my hands on Damien’s chest. He looked down at me, his eyes showing all his pain and anger, showing how much he missed me, how much he wanted me back, I saw everything in his eyes. He didn’t fight me. He stood underneath my hands. 

“Zoey, my Zoey.” He whispered, his emotions clear in his voice and in his eyes. I felt Zack grab my arm and pull me back. I glared at him but he wasn’t looking at me he was glaring at Damien. 

“She’s no longer yours Damien.” Zack’s voice was harsh and too possessive for my liking. I pulled my arm back and out of his hands. 

“And I’m not yours either Zack.” I replied just as coldly. I gave them both a harsh look showing them at how cross I was at them for fighting over me like they were. The bell rang as I walked away from them. Ending the fight for now but I knew that it wasn’t over just yet. I knew that they wouldn’t stop fighting for me until one of them won. The question in my mind wasn’t how long were they going to fight, the question in my mind was which one will win this fight for my heart and at the moment I couldn’t bear to think of an answer for that question not while I was still mad at them for fighting over me.

The End

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