Chapter 3 - Nichole and Christian

Chapter 3 – Nichole and Christian 

Zoey’s P.O.V

I woke up and found that I was in a room, which I knew instantly was not mine. Once the shock that I wasn’t in my room was over I remembered that I wasn’t at home anymore either but that I was in a boy’s dorm inside of the academy. I groaned. Everything had to be just so peachy keen didn’t it (note the sarcasm). The worse thing was, was that not only was I in a boy’s dorm with four other boys but one of those boys was Damien. There was a knock at the door then. Zack poked his head in flashing me a genuine smile, and I couldn’t help myself to smile back at him. 

“It’s good to see that you’re awake, sleeping beauty.” Zack said as he walked further into the room and sat down on the bed as I sat up. 

“How long was I out?” I asked as I pushed the hair out of my eyes. I was relieved to find that I was still in the same clothes I had passed out in. 

“An hour or two,” He replied gently unsure if I would freak out by what he had said. I just nodded my head; I wasn’t out for that long. 

“A guy named Jeffery came up here with your things while you were passed out. The guys were going to bring it in here for you but I told them to wait until you were up.” He told me, still talking softly to me as if anything I would hear could break me.  

“Thanks Zack.” I said, getting out from underneath the covers. He got up then and walked over to the door, but before he could leave I asked him,

“Um Zack, who’s here?” 

“Just Christian and us, Christian just woke up half an hour ago.” Zack told me then left the room. After slipping my black chucks back onto my feet I followed him out to the living room as well. The living room had been restored, to what it must have looked like before the fight. There was a big leather couch that bent around in a half circle, and in the middle of the couches circle was a glass coffee table. Hanging off of the wall was a large seventy inch plasma screen and across the adjacent room were doors leading to individual bedrooms. On the opposite side of the living room was the kitchen, and in between was a large empty area which wasn’t covered in carpet but in tiles and a large square of glass. 

“Be careful not to walk on the glass Zoey, it’ll break easily.” Zack called from the couch. He was picking up an Xbox consol and returning to his game of call of duty. I walked over to the kitchen, and grabbed a can of red bull. 

“You don’t want to drink that.” A guy said behind me. It wasn’t Damien or Zack that I was sure about, but when I turned around I found that it was Nathan – the same guy I saw drinking one of these cans. 

“Uh thanks.” I replied but back the can into the fridge. He slipped his arm into the fridge and pulled out a can of Coke. 

“Here this may be more to your liking.” He said giving me the can of soft drink that he had opened for me. He also pulled out a can of red bull out for himself and was guzzling it down greedily. I took a sip of my can of coke and went to join Zack on the couch.

“Uh Zack, where’s Damien?” I asked, and then scowled myself for doing so. I hadn’t seen him for twelve years and all of a sudden I’ve just got to know where he is? Defiantly not cool. 

“Um he’s in his bedroom with Nichole.” He said, giving me an unsure look. He must have been told not to tell me. 

“Who’s Nichole?” I asked, becoming even more curious, which I knew I shouldn’t have been. As they say curiosity killed the cat. Zack had paused his game and was looking me in the eyes, trying to make me understand that he meant what he was about to say. 

“Zoey, Nichole is Damien’s girlfriend.” Zack told me, his voice remaining steady and strong. Damien had a girlfriend, and all these years I hadn’t had a real boyfriend, just a memory of my very first kiss. Sure I had dated guys, that were my so called boyfriends, but it was never anything serious. I never really loved anyone. I never had and I doubted that I would. 

“Hey verse you?” I asked. I refused to let my thoughts linger on Damien. I wouldn’t let it bother me that he had a girlfriend. Zack smiled and passed me a remote. We really got into the game, and after what had only seemed like minutes instead of hours, Damien and Nichole walked out of one of the bedrooms, which must have been his bedroom. He walked her over the door and kissed her, or should I say shared saliva with her. When they were done he smacked her on the butt and she left with a smile on her face. 

“Dude, do you mind? There are other people here.” Zack stated. He had turned around when I paused the game and saw what had I had been staring at with a blazing hatred. 

“No, I don’t.” He replied as he walked over to the fridge and grabbed a can of red bull. I caught a glimpse of something sharp and shiny in his mouth, which was almost shaped like a... fang? No, it wasn’t possible. I mean they don’t exist. Someone walked through the door then and stopped dead centre when he saw me. 

“Zack my man, you picked up?” He called, nodding towards me. Damien shook his head and walked into his room, completely ignoring me. 

“What? Zoey? No way Christian. She’s rooming with us.” Zack stated. Christian just made replied with an ‘oh’. He came and sat next to me on the couch, giving me the nod. I grunted in disgust and marched off to my room, walking away from Christian’s laughter.

The End

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