Chapter 2 - The Academy and The Guys

Chapter 2 – The Academy and The Guys 

They had left this morning for Japan, and left me a message on the fridge reminding me that I had to get Jeremy (our limo driver) to take me up to the boarding school, St. Ashcroft Academy or SAA for short; Yea, so much for going to a regular a high school. Remember I said yesterday that I was going to unpack, well things didn’t go to plan, after that little talk with “mummy” I changed into my surf gear and ran down to the beach, wanting to pour my heart and soul into the ocean. When I came back it was dark, to dark to worry about unpacking. Though now that I knew that I was going to the Academy and not regular high school I was glad that I didn’t unpack because I would have had to repack anyways. Of course there were some things that I pulled aside so that I would have them with me on the ride up to the academy, like my laptop and my IPhone. They were necessities that I would need on the ride up but other than that I was all good. I called Jeremy and I let him know that he could take my things down now as I got dressed. I got dressed in my black skinny jeans and a red t-shirt, with my black bead necklace. I straightened my hair, and put on black eyeliner and mascara, not so much that I looked like a racoon but enough to know that I looked hot. I was ready to handle the academy and anyone who got in my way. I climbed into the car prepared for a two hour trip into my ride to a totally new life. 

Two Hours later

I just arrived at the academy. It was beautiful in its old fashion way. It was like a castle, it used to be St. Ashcroft’s house when he was alive way back in the 1500’s but when he died it was in his will that this place be made into an academy. I head towards the head office so that they could know that I was here and that they could give me my class schedule and tell me which dorm I was going to be staying in. I head towards the head office, IPod in ears listening to “Pain and Pleasure” by Bullet for My Valentine and before I knew it I had crashed into someone and fallen on the floor and that someone was pretty cute, no not cute, hot, totally hot.


“Hey, do I know you?” He asked his dark eyes boring into mine. There was a goofy smile on his face, a goofy smile that seemed so familiar that I just couldn’t remember who it belonged to. He gave me a hand and I took it without even thinking. 


“Um I really don’t know and hey I’m sorry for running into you like that.” I said trying to give off a cute smile, though I wasn’t sure it worked. He just kept smiling that goofy grin and didn’t say anything. It was getting uncomfortable, so I said my goodbyes and quickly moved on, heading towards the head office which was a few meters in front of me now. I opened the door of the office and walked in glad that I was away from that guy. There was something about his goofy smile that had reminded me of Damien, but it couldn’t possibly be him. Damien looked nothing like that guy did but then again it had been twelve years, and time changed people. Shaking my head to get rid of the thoughts of Damien and that hot random, I walked up towards the desk at which a red haired woman sat at the desk, doing some sort of work on her computer. I cleared my throat. 

“Hello Hun, how can I help you?” She asked me, smiling friendly. 

“Hi, I’m Zoey Whitlock and I’m new here.” I said confidently baring my winning smile. No one could refuse my winning smile, it always got me my way even with my parent’s business partners. 

“Just one moment Miss Whitlock,” She replied as she went through a stack of folders, obviously trying to find the folder with my name on it. “Ah yes here it is.” She mumbled to herself as she pulled out a slightly thick folder. “Here is your folder. Inside is your schedule, dorm room and location, your bedroom key and map of the academy.” She said with a smile as she handed me the folder, I flicked through the files until I found the one that said which dorm I would be staying in. I desperately wished that I had a room to myself but as I read the piece of paper over and over again, I realized that I wasn’t going to get a room to myself and even worse it wasn’t going to be in a girls dorm room. 

“Um excuse me, there must be some mistake. It says that I’m going to be sharing a dorm room with Christian, Zack, Damien and Nathan.” I said, my winning smile forced back into place. I had to be in a girl’s room, I couldn’t possible share a room with a bunch of testosterone filled boys. 

“Yes, that’s right dear.” She replied not getting the problem. I wanted to scream but I kept my cool. I put my hands on the counter making sure that I was being perfectly clear. 

“But it’s a boy’s room!” I said, making sure that she understood every syllable.

“Yes, I know dear. The girl’s rooms have been completely filled out, until someone drops out of the academy you are going to have to stay in the room you have been given.” She explained. How could this be happening! I wasn’t meant to be in a boy’s room, I was a girl for goodness sake but because my parents only enrolled me a few days ago there was nothing I could do but wait and hope that some girl drops out. I grabbed the folder and marched out of the office and marched all the way towards the boy’s dorm block. At least there were only four boys in the room I was going to have to stay in and not anymore. That would just be a living nightmare. I was to be staying in B5-13. I stood outside of the block, took a deep breath and walked inside. I was happy about one thing, there was an elevator and there was nobody waiting outside of it. As I waited for the elevator a thought slipped my mind, “There is no way that this day could get any worse.” It was true; this day couldn’t get any worse. The elevator arrived then and I walked inside, pressed the button for the fifth floor and enjoyed the speed that the elevator seemed to have. Before I even knew it I was there, and walking down the hallway to room number 13. I walked all the way down the hallway before I found the room. Taking another deep breath with my hand on the door, I opened it and found two of the guys in a fight, their fist were flying and a lot of the furniture seemed to be smashed. Another one of the guys that sat on part of the unbroken couch turned when he heard the door open, and was looking at me mouth gapping open like he had never seen a girl before. I gave him a what-are-you-looking-at look and he shut his open mouth with an audible click. He got up then, being careful not to get into the fight that was happening at that moment and walked towards me. When he had reached me he pulled me outside and closed the door. 

“Hey I’m Zack, and you are?” He asked from his leaning spot on the door giving me a flirty smile. He was pretty cute, his auburn hair covering one of his green eyes. Fairly cute but nothing like the guy that I had ran into before. 

“I’m Zoey, Zoey Whitlock.” I replied trying to sound professional and not scared. He just kept on smiling as he obviously studied me. 

“And what are you doing here Zoey?” He asked, curiously enough. I didn’t blame him; I was still trying to figure out what I was doing here. 

“I’ve been told by the head office that I’m going to be in this room until a spot is available in the girl’s dorms.” He just ahhed and nodded his head. We heard another crash come from inside the room and then there were no sounds at all. 

“I’ll be right back, you stay here okay?” He asked, I simply nodded my head and he dashed back inside. He was nice, not anyone that I would have ever thought of dating, but nice, a possible friend and guardian from the rest of the boys in there that I still had to meet. Zack stuck his head back outside, and told me to come in and meet the rest of the family, so I did. I walked back inside, the room though it could have looked lovely was trashed and destroyed from the fight and there was an unconscious guy on the floor, whom must have been the other party in the fight. In the open kitchen there was a white haired guy, with black eyes that smiled at me, he was really pale too so the white hair just seemed to blend in; he was also holding a can of red bull in his hand and there was another guy that was standing up, looking at the guy that was passed out on the floor. He didn’t bother to turn around to look at me, the only features that I could notice about him were that he too was really pale and had black hair which hung loosely around his head. 

“Well Zoey, over there in the kitchen is Nathan. He’s a cool guy but be careful around him and passed out on the flour there is Christian, he’s pretty cool too but more of a joker than the rest of us. Then you have me, the awesomest guy you’ll ever meet and over there being rude as ever is Damien. You’ll be pretty safe around here as long as you don’t get to close to Nathan.” Zack said I laughed when he said awesomest. He just flashed a smile at me, and winked but when he had mention Damien’s name, Damien had turned around and that’s when I recognized him. I didn’t just recognize him from before as the totally hottie that I crashed into but as someone else, he was much younger then, but still those deep blue eyes never changed and neither did that look in his eye, it was Damien, the boy whom stole my very first kiss.

“Hey Z, long time no see.” He stated, and at the sound of his voice, at the flooding memories, I fainted.

The End

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