There are those days when one wakes up, after sleeping in, feeling refreshed and revitalized.  To feel well-rested and ready to embrace the new day for all the challenges and opportunities it would present.  Waking up on the right side of the bed: a colloquial term she often heard her family say when she was younger.

This was not one of those days for Dr. Landra.  Instead, she woke up in pain from a crick in her neck after sleeping on a military cot that was far less comfortable than her personal, well broken-in military cot.  Or maybe it was just a matter of not sleeping where one works.  Whatever the case, she felt the very strong temptation to find a warm blanket and return to her personal, well broken-in military cot and continue her dream of-- 

Ah, yes! Her Patient of Interest!  How she could be so silly to forget such a thing awaiting her, she could spend the rest of the day pondering.  But there wasn't time for that, of course.  

Landra steadied herself after standing up too fast.  

[to be continued]

The End

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