There are those days when one wakes up, after sleeping in, feeling refreshed and revitalized.  To feel well-rested and ready to embrace the new day for all the challenges and opportunities it would present.  Waking up on the right side of the bed: a colloquial term she often heard her family say when she was younger.

This was not one of those days for Dr. Landra.  Instead, she woke up in pain from a crick in her neck after sleeping on a military cot that was far less comfortable than her personal, well broken-in military cot.  Or maybe it was just a matter of not sleeping where one works.  Whatever the case, she felt the very strong temptation to find a warm blanket and return to her personal, well broken-in military cot and continue her dream of-- 

Ah, yes! Her Patient of Interest!  How could she forget?  Landra steadied herself after standing up too fast.  In her excitement, she pushed through the disorientation and the ache in her muscles.  It was too late to catch breakfast in the mess hall, but she didn't mind.  She was too eager to start working with the patient again to have an appetite.  

She slipped into the infirmary to to see her staff members taking care of a few of the ship's crew.  Two of the three were here for menstrual cramps and to get more supplies.  The third was a private known for his bad attitude.  It seemed that he finally crossed a line and a superior officer decided to put him in his place.  He would likely be relegated to some menial grunt work for a few weeks until his superiors decided he had learned his lesson.  Landra couldn't say that she felt bad for him.  The private had directed that bad attitude of his at her more than once since he was assigned to the Sagitta.  It was mostly because she refused to abandon the strict policy and accompany him to a film that was being shown in the mess hall.  Not that he would have had a chance, even if the Sagitta and Admiral Evett didn't enforce strict policies regarding fraternization.  Apparently, the man held a grudge.  

At any rate, Landra paid them no mind.  She made her way to her star-famed patient of interest and began checking his vitals.  The man, roused by her buzzing about, opened his eyes and followed her movement.  When she finished scribbling notes on his chart, she smiled at him.  

"Do you feel up to sitting up today?"  Again, the man made no response.  He only stared at her.  She elevated his bed a few degrees, so that he was half sitting up and fussed with his IV for a few moments to make sure the drip was still going.  She wasn't sure whether or not he'd be able to eat or drink anything of substance for a while yet, and so she kept a bag of fluids dripping into the tube in his vein to make sure he didn't become malnourished or dehydrated.  

[to be continued]

The End

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