The faces began, "images of sorrow, pictures of delight, things that go to make up a life. Endless days of summer, longer nights of gloom, waiting for the morning light. Scenes of unimportance, photos in a frame, things that go to make up a life. Help us someone! Let us out of here! Because living here so long, undisturbed, dreaming of the time we were free. So many years ago, before the time when we first heard, 'welcome to the home by the sea.' " Uhri stood shocked and terrified. The faces once again commanded him to sit down as they had not finished. Uhri, disappointed that he could not yet leave, and terrified out of his wits sat again. "Because you won't get away, with us you will stay, for the rest of your days. Sit down!"

"What is your name?" Interrogated the faces.

"Uhri." Uhri swallowed hard after replying. 

The faces went silent. They then spoke, "welcome to the home by the sea."

The End

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