Enter the Hidden

Uhri felt the floor below him shift. Of course, thinking that he had just locked his knees and was about to faint he gave them a good bend and continued to walk around. He continued to feel the floor shift and once or twice almost fell over. Yet, every time he looked, the floor appeared just as a floor should, stolid. Uhri looked  around the room he was in; it was the kitchen. Old pots and pans strewn about, flower wall paper yellowing and falling off the walls, the counters a simple wood with no decoration. Uhri heard a creak and spun around. Did he really just see the wall compress back into itself? 

Uhri began to panic. He ran back to the main hall and found the window shut. He struggled to get it open. He ran to the door, the lock was broken off. He tried to turn the knob, it wouldn't turn. He ran to the parlour, picked up a chair and tried to break one of the windows, but it would not so much as crack. The wall next to him creaked, Uhri witnessed a face struggling to emerge out of the wall and the wall snap back flat. Uhri screamed. He ran to the dining room, he began to see the faces everywhere, he heard the creaking in both the walls and the floor, he saw the faces, he saw the struggle, he felt their pain.

Uhri screamed again, try as he might he was locked inside this house with these things. They moaned, it echoed throughout the house and rattled inside his head. "Please," he began to beg them. "Let me out, I'll leave and I'll never come back to trouble you." The voices spoke. It once again shook the house and his mind. "Sit down," they commanded, and Uhri sat. "Let us relieve our lives in what we tell you." Uhri breathed, they only want to talk, he thought to himself. Then they will let me go. 

The End

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