The House

Uhri stepped inside, he left the window open to let in more light. He walked around the main level of the house. He left tracks in the dust on the floor. He went to the left first where he saw the main parlour, the furniture was very old. Tables and feet of the chairs and couches made of what appeared to be a deep cherry. The chairs and couch were covered in what used to be a red velvet, now a moth -eaten mess. The mantle of the fireplace, made of the same dark cherry had exquisite woodwork, and the hearth made of solid white marble. The windows in this room were wide and tall, the draperies, also moth-eaten, once were white with red detailing. 

Uhri rushed to the other side of the house. The dust kicked up behind him. He entered the dining room. A long, 8 person table, also made of the same deep cherry was the center piece of the room. The wood working on it was basic, but delicate. The room had a light blue wall paper that was peeling away in many places. Golden picture frames hung on the walls, but the subjects of the pictures he could not make out, they were too faded. He rushed out of the grand dining room and back to the main hallway in which he arrived in. Looking up he saw the giant chandelier, whether it was made of glass or crystal he could not be sure. But, the bits of clear stone that poked through the dust illuminated rainbows on a large staircase leading to the upstairs. The banister of a lighter wood had carvings unlike any that he had seen before, so intricate and creative, yet more delicate and simplistic than he had seen in the dining room. It occurred to Uhri that this house belonged to someone of wealth. He felt overwhelmed, this house was magnificent, it had a power. 

The End

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