The Journey

Uhri took the time to settle into his new home by the sea. He continued to look for ways to occupy his mind, but his mind would let him think of nothing but that old, decrepit house. He felt every fiber of his being being called back. He tried so hard to resist, but his will finally succumbed to his wants. He decided to return.

Uhri left at noon wondering why he was going to do what he was planning to do. After all, wouldn't there be a reason for a house to go untouched for so long. He racked his mind but is was warped with thoughts of this house. Each of his nerves pushed him closer and closer, one foot in front of the other. Simple. He'd been walking for 17 years, it was nothing new, but it felt so easy. He felt as though he were gliding over the sand, he felt freer from his life with every single step towards the house that he took. 

He egged himself on, faster, faster! He arrived only minutes after departing his house. He breathed before he stepped onto the cracked walkway. When he placed his foot down he felt tingles of anticipation shoot up and down his spine. The hair covering his body stood on end. He felt like 1000 watts of electricity had charged up his body. He could no longer walk. Uhri ran up the walkway to the breaking wooden steps of this fantastical house. His wants urged him to open the door, his mind, having changed its opinion, urged him to return to the safety of his home. 

Uhri bolted to the door. He shook it hoping to find it open, but the old worn door was sealed tightly. The old porch swing swung lightly in the wind, creaking on its hinges. The sound gave Uhri chills, but it was nothing to fear. Uhri walked a few feet in the direction of the swing to the nearest window. He pushed against the meeting and the window swung open inward. Uhri listened, dead silence. He smelled rot and the dust. He looked, darkness, some streaks of light made it through the dust covered windows revealing old dust covered furniture and wooden floors. Uhri swallowed hard. He climbed inside. 

The End

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