Welcome Home!

A story based on the song "Home by the Sea" released by the band Genesis on their 1983 album "Genesis."

A sigh echoed through the small, blank, white walled room of  Uhri Kummituksia. Uhri had just moved from the hustling city of Helsinki to a tiny town by the ocean. His room only reminded him of his transition from the city to the small, good for nothing, plain town he had just moved to. 

The only decent thing about this town was the scent of the ocean, it brought about a calmness of home. Uhri left the depressing sight of his room, wandered through his house and out the back door to the ocean. He breathed in the salty air and smiled just a little. He thought just a little about how his life, although now different, might not be so bad. He was in a new town! He just needed to find some adventure to keep his young mind occupied.

He heaved a sigh again as he stood up. Where the hell in such a small town could possibly be any sort of excitement? He thought back through the few stores he had passed on the way to his home a gas station, a general store, a small super market. Not so much as a skin bar, normal bar, or ice-cream-bar. There was nothing.

Uhri started walking down the beach. Looking out at the ocean he thought of everything he had left behind. His friends, his school, his beach; his only comfort at the moment was that the setting sun upon the horizon looked the same and knowing his friends had seen one identical to it only a few hours earlier.

Uhri stopped, he breathed the air. He could smell the sea, but now he also smelled rot. He turned behind him and came face to face with an old gray house. The wood had been eaten by the salt, the land overgrown with weeds. The cement stairs and walkway cracked from surfacing roots, the iron fence off its hinges and lying flat on the overgrown grass. He sighed, looking at the house he recognized his feelings; used, forgotten, and lonely, just like this house. Uhri then returned home. 

The End

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