I get home from work. I walk into our home and take off my acu top and drape it over my chair and then sit down in it. I slowly take off my boots and soaks, sitting them next to my chair. I look around the living room and cant see any sign of you. I get up and walk around and to no luck am able to find you. So i head upstairs to see if your still in bed. As i open the door i i found you on the bed preached up on your knees. You are wearing you collar and your nipples clamps. Your slowly rubbing yourself and look at me with a lustful smile. I walk up and slide my hand behind your head and force body against mine. I kiss you hard and then pull your head back to expose you pale soft neck. I sink my teeth into you as you moan out in pain and desire. You reach out pulling my shirt off and then pressing your body against mine and kiss me again. You grind against me as the kiss deepens. My hands drop to your hips and then i slide them back grabbing your ass and lifting up to me. You wrap your legs around my hips and i walk you to the wall. Your heated back press against the cool wall and you get a chill. As you shiver and break the kiss i bite again to neck and then move to you collar bone. Kissing my way to the chain that is attach to to your clamp. Slide the chain and bit of your sink into my teeth. I pull gentally and you moan out again and dig your nails into my back and neck. I slide one of my hands down and undo my belt and buttons and my pants slide off and you can feel me just out side of you. You grind against me but i keep it from going in. You get it wet from rubbing your soaked slit against me. You beg me to slam it into and laugh and then pull a little more on the chain. I growl out asking why you should get it and beg more for it saying you anything to please me for it. I pull you off the wall and toss you on the bed. You land on your back and i walk up grab hip and flip you over. Then grab your hair and spin you around. You look up at me with big blue eyes and then wrap you lips around it. I reach down and grab the chains and pull lightly to make you slide in farther. You reach back and start to play with your clit and moan and do circle round the head. I groan out a little and you slide it all the way down as pull the chain a bit harder. You then start move faster and playing with yourself harder. I drop my head back and enjoy it for a bit longer. Then i pull it out and grab you by the D ring on the collar. You look up at me with a straving despration and i grab your neck and slam you backward on the bed and laid on top of you. I easyly slide into you now dripping whole and work my hips quickly your legs warp around me and i start to pound your soaked hole and you bite into my neck and claw at my back. Your legs tighten around my waist and you pull your body against mine digging into my back as you beg me to let you cum. I tell not yet as i pick up speed and forces. You body locks up as your not to and just before you lose control of it and whisper cum for me my little pet. Your rip your nails down my back as you arch you back and moan out thank you master. I let you relax for just a moment then grab your hair and roll you over. I grab your hips and pull against me. I slide myself into your ass slowly at first. After a bit i slowly pick up speed. You moan more and more as i put more force into it and then start playing with your clit. I reach up and grab you tits and pull on the clamps. You start to grind back against me. I grab your hair and up biting your neck at then kissing you and nipping at your lower lip. You drop you head back more so you moan in my ear grinding your ass agaisnt me. You moan out please master cum in me. From there you go back down and start slamming against me fast are hard begging me again to cum. I match your movements and your body locks up again. This time you ask to cum and i say yes. You start to cum and this time i lose down. Buring myself into you as deep as it will go. You feel it start tho throbe inside you. Then the first of it shot out and grab the bed moan louder than before. I drop my chest to your back and grab your tits as it keep going. We fall over to our side dead tired and curl up and fall asleep.

The End

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