a dragon gets stuck on old earth, and is caught by tribes. Then his friends rescue him.



          An arrow flew through the air, narrowly missing the angered dragon’s head. The dragon, who’s name was Gawain, twisted on the spot, and roared at the culprit. Then he lunged at him, his sky-blue fur rippling. The crest on the back of his head still stuck up obstinately, despite the wind that tore at it.

          Gawain snapped at the man, causing him to leap backwards. Gawain hissed as another arrow flew at him. His tail lashed around, grabbing the other man around the waist. He began to sweat, and in desperation he pulled an arrow out of his quiver, and stabbed it into the thick fur. Gawain roared in pain, and launched the terrified man into a thorn bush. He screamed in pain as the thorns ripped at his flesh, cutting it as a knife would slice through butter. The man screamed, all dignity forgotten.

          Gawain spun around as a man leapt at him, brandishing his other weapon; a spear. Gawain darted his head forward, and caught the spear between his teeth. He pulled it back, using his formidable strength to pull the man along with him. The man tried to pull his spear loose, and when that didn’t work, the man leant on it, trying to use his strength to push the spear into his mouth, where it could do some damage.

          Gawain felt the increase in the pressure pushing on the spear, and knew that the man’s comrades were helping him. Smirking at their foolishness, Gawain shook his head from side to side, causing the men to be thrown around like ragdolls. He released it in the direction of the thorn bush that already housed a man. He watched as they sailed towards the bush, then turned and disappeared into the forest, snorting in disdain as he went.     He was sick and tired of this primitive planet, and its defensive inhabitants. He was looking forward to when the rest of his kind, the Dragons, would come and rescue him. But until then, he was stuck here, troubling the locals, and eating their livestock. For, when he had gone exploring in their realm, the realm where his kind where from, he and his friends had come across what had looked like a rip in the world. His friends had told him not to touch it, but Gawain was ignorant, and put his paw through it. The instant he had, he had felt a queer tingling sensation all over his body, and his surroundings had blurred and darkened, until he was surrounded by nothing. Then he had fallen unconscious, and had awoken in a forest, with the smell of a new species heavy in his nostrils, and their fierce cries splitting the silence. They had stumbled upon him, lying in a clearing, and run away, screaming that they had seen the devil. And from that point he had been terrorising the nearby tribes, and stealing their livestock in the dead of night.

          Gawain scowled angrily at his own helplessness, but there was nothing he could do.  He had to wait here until one of his family or friends saved him. He was so lost in his own mental world that he failed to hear the sound of a net falling through the air.

          The net wrapped around Gawain, causing him to roar with anger. He could have burnt the net, if it had been rope, but this net was made of some kind of metal, that burned his skin, and sapped his strength. He glared at the triumphant man, and hissed angrily; he didn’t appreciate being caught like a fish in a net.

          He tried to melt the metal, but it remained firm. He gave in, and instead hissed at the man, who ignored him.

          “Men!” he called, and a group of men who were dressed in animal skins burst from the trees, waving spears. “We have done the impossible! We have captured the Devil himself!” the man, who’s name was Tillun, roared. The men cheered, and waved their spears.

          “Bring the transporting vehicle!” ordered Tillun, and two men pushed their way through the crowd, dragging a cart with rough wheels tied to it. “Let’s lift him on!” called Tillun, and everyone assembled around the angered dragon, who hissed at them. They took no notice, and hoisted him onto the wooden cart.

          Gawain grunted as his head his wood. The men who weren’t pulling the cart ran ahead, clearing vegetation so the cart and its cargo could move easier through the forest.

          “Surprise!” grunted a man who wielded a hammer. He d smirked and brought it down on Gawain’s head. Lights exploded in front of his eyes as Gawain collapsed.

          When Gawain awoke, he was in a busy settlement, still tied up on the cart. He hissed angrily, and launched a fireball at what looked like the tribe’s storage hut. It burst into flames, causing the villagers to cry out in anger; all their food was in that hut. Gawain smirked.

          “Don’t do that, or you’ll have to be unconscious again,” Tillun’s voice called out to him. Gawain snarled angrily, cursing Tillun and this stupid planet that he was stuck on.

          Then a jet of fire caused some trees to burst into flames. The villagers screamed and started to run in different directions. Then a dragon that was identical to Gawain, except in size and colour, flew over the camp, hissing angrily. The people’s screaming intensified; was this another devil?

          The dragon landed in the middle of the settlement. Gawain recognized the dragon as Ghislaine, one of his friends who had been there when he had disappeared a few weeks ago.

          “You’ve grown, Ghislaine,” Gawain said. “What are you doing here?”

          “I came ahead of the search party,” she answered. “They’ll be here in about a day, maybe a bit more than that. And did these humans do that to you?”

          Gawain nodded. She hissed angrily at the surrounding humans. Though she didn’t speak directly with them, her meaning couldn’t have been clearer: untie him now! The humans scurried up to Gawain and began pulling at the net. Gawain was free in minutes.

          He stood up and shook himself thankfully. Then he looked at Ghislaine properly for the first time since he had disappeared. She had grown upwards. She had also lengthened. She was a powerful beast. Gawain would have been as big, if not bigger, than her, if he had been eating the food that she had. As it was, he was hardly any bigger than he had been before.

          “Shall we go?” he asked her. She nodded, and they both spread their wings and launched into the sky and over the treetops. They didn’t stop flying until they were far away from any civilisation.

          When they found a clearing, they both landed. They hunted before they settled down for the night, for they were hungry. When they had caught some cattle, and eaten it, they returned to the clearing.

          “Not very tasty, are they, these Earth creatures,” commented Ghislaine as she finished the carcass of a cow.

          “No,” answered Gawain. “Earth?” he asked as an afterthought.

          “That’s what this primitive planet is called,” Ghislaine informed him. Gawain nodded in acknowledgement.

          A bright flash of light temporarily blinded them, then, as their vision cleared, they saw another dragon, about the same size as Ghislaine, who was as tall as the tallest tree.

          “Narzgul!” Gawain greeted him, for he was also a friend who had been with him the day of his disappearance. The dragon dipped his head in acknowledgement, then turned to Ghislaine.

          “The search party is having problems. They ran into a pride of giant lions. I was sent ahead to tell you they might be delayed,” he told Ghislaine breathlessly. Ghislaine nodded curtly.

          “Then, shall we help them?” she spread her wings in preparation for flight.

          “No! They specifically said don’t help them!” cried Narzgul. Ghislaine nodded, and tucked her wings away.

          “Narzgul, here. Have what is left of my kill,” Gawain offered.  Narzgul thanked him and began to tear at the remaining carcasses.     When Narzgul finished, they all lay down together and fell fast asleep.

          When they awoke, it was about midday. Bright lights flashed throughout the clearing. The search party emerged. They were of varying shades of colour, and looked a little different. They all acknowledged the dragons, then surrounded them, and closed their eyes, as did Gawain, Ghislaine and Narzgul.

When they opened their eyes they were back home. Gawain laughed and launched into the sky with his friends, acting as though he had never left.

The End

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