A Problem Arises

"Detective LaStraude." I greeted him as he approached Watson and myself.

"You remeber my companion Miss Watson."

"Of course. Morning Ma'am." He greeted her.

"If you'd like to follow me, I believe we have found some pertinent evidence." He continued, gesturing towards the conference room.

Watson, LaStraude and myself proceeded to take a seat to review the case file and the findings I had made the previous evening.

"Where is this 'pertinent evidence' that you wish to show me then Detective?" I asked him.

Without any form of response, Detective LaStraude went on to place a plastic evidence bag on the table in front of Watson and myself. The bag contained a gold ring. I took one look at the ring, got out of my seat and left the room. Watson proceeded to follow close behind.

"Holmes!" She shouted after me

"Holmes! Wait!" She had now stood in front of me and had stopped me in my tracks

"What's wrong?" She questioned me, with a sense of genuine worry in her voice. I grabbed her by the arm and escorted her into a nearby vacant office. 

"The ring." Was my simple response

"Yes. What about it?" She replied. I then proceeded to show her the photograph of my grandfather and I with the five pictures and the ring behind us.

"Look closely at the ring in this picture." I said to her. 

She squinted her eyes to gain a better view of the object in the image. Once she had realised, a look of pure shock spread across her face.

The End

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