A New Partnership

We had arrived at the crime scene and I had quickly assessed what had happened. However, for some reason, I always enjoyed making Detective LaStraude wait a little longer than was necessary. The time soon came where I felt I had made LaStraude wait long enough and I informed him of my findings. However, there were a number of things that did not make complete sense about this case.

As a result, I suggested Watson and I leave the crime scene and work on it the following day, as it was beginning to get rather late. We both soon arrived back at my home and set to work looking over the case file that I had taken away with me.

Watson was periodically looking at her watch, at near five minute intervals.

"Something wrong?" I asked her

"No. Why do you ask?" She responded

"It's just that you seem to be checking your watch a lot and you seem to be slightly distracted."

"Oh. Do I?"

Very little else was spoken between us after that. Eventually, I couldn't take the silence any more.

"Come on Watson. It's getting late. I'll have the car take you home and we can continue the case tomorrow."

"Ok. Sounds like a plan." And with that, she was gone.

The following day soon arrived and before I knew it, I found myself at school. As per usual, first and second period went by with relatively little hassle. Break arrived and I could hear a sound emanating from my pocket. It was a phone call from Detective LaStraude. I happily answered.

"Sherlock Holmes. What can I do for you Detective?"

Detective LaStraude informed me that there was a break in the case we began yesterday afternoon.

"Of course. I'll be there as soon as possible." I ended the phone call

I found Ami and informed her that Detective LaStraude requested out presence.  Without any sign of hesitation, my best friend was following me to the school reception where a car was already awaiting our arrival. We walked into the school reception.

"Craig Holmes and my companion Ami Watson have a case that requires our immediate attention." I calmly and professionally informed the receptionist.

"Of course Mr Holmes. Have fun!" She replied in a joking way.

"Where exactly are we going?" My partner asked

"Get in the car and I'll explain everything on the way" I replied. Within 30 minutes, we were at police headquarters where we were to meet Detective Andrew LaStraude.

The End

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