A New Case

Dr Watson walked through the door and greeted Ami and my grandfather. While all the pleasantries were going on, I received yet another telephone call from Detective LaStraude.

"Dr Watson, won't you please take my seat, I fear that duty calls and I must take this phone call." I said, gesturing to where I had previously been sitting.

"Why thank you my dear boy. That's very kind of you." He responded with a warm tone to his voice.

With that, I quickly stepped out into the corridor and answered the call.

"Sherlock Holmes." I stated. For some reason I always answered the phone like that with my family and LaStraude.

A short while went by and I was just able to hear parts of conversation in the room I had previously left. The phone call ended and I re-entered the room.

"Sherlock." I said. "I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid that I must leave as Detective LaStraude has requested my presence.

"Of course little 'un. I completely understand. Will you still be coming to see me tomorrow?" He questioned me.

"Of course I will Sherlock. Same time as I do everyday." I replied.

"You are a good lad" He whispered with a chuckle.

"Watson, the car is waiting outside. Would you care to accompany me?"

"Why, I can think of nothing better." Ami responded.

With that, we both left the room and walked briskly down the corridor towards the front entrance. I bid farewell to the carer behind the desk and walked out the door. My companion and I stepped into the waiting car and drove away.

The End

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