A Visit to Holmes

After getting off the phone with LaStraude, who had just informed me that they had just caught the criminal that had been involved in my last case, I told Ami to meet me after school at the gates. 

I waited, before seeing her stepping towards me. When she got closer, her soft eyes filled with curiosity, I smiled down at her, before watching her frown. She reached up, and pushed a strand of ash brown hair out of my eyes, which I rolled at her. 

"Come on, let's go." I offered the crook of my arm to her, which she took. She pleaded and pleaded, begging me to tell her where we were going. I smirked at her. 

"You enjoy your Sherlock books so much, you try figure it out." I kept telling her. She gave a smile, but whined at me softly. I glanced to the side, down at her, and frowned. 

Her hair wasn't in its usual tight ponytail, and I couldn't see the chain she usually wore. I know that her boyfriend had given her it when they had started going out, three months back.

"So...how are you and your boyfriend?"  I asked politely, cutting across her moaning. Her eyes widened. 

"We split up." She said, with a soft smile. Hmm. She was either pushing the blame off  herself, by not specifying, or he had ended the relationship with her.

I smiled, almost knowingly, before turning a corner sharply, swinging the younger girl slightly, making her laugh a little. 

She frowned, as I led her into the local retirement home. 

"Hello, dear. Here to see your grandfather again?" Smiled the carer behind the desk. I gave a firm nod, before leading Ami down the corridor, before knocking on the door. 

"C-come in." Came a frail yet rich voice. I opened the door, and stepped inside. I glanced over the room, as I always did. 

Five things were wrong. 

My grandfather's chair had moved, to face away from the photographs on his bedside. Where there was usually five photographs, there was now four. Also missing from the bedside was my grandfather's ring - the one he always kept there, as a reminder of his deceased wife. The order of the products round his sink had changed, and I was able to  see the key in the veranda door was turned - an indication that it was unlocked. He never unlocked the veranda door. 

I also noticed another change in Ami. Her body language had changed. Whereas with meeting other new people, she would've hidden behind me, she had stepped in front slightly. What had changed? 

* * *

The photographs. Perhaps being around Craig had affected me. He noticed things that others didn't, more often than not. What I noticed was the dusty photographs, and the thin line on the bedside that was clean, showing that there was a photograph missing, along with a circular object - most likely a ring. 

What I noticed most was that I recognised one of the men in the photographs. 

* * *

I watched as my best friend shook her head softly. Hmm. I wonder what she's thinking about. 

"You've come to see me, little 'un. And you've brought a friend." My grandfather gave a smile. 

"Yes Sherlock. I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Ami Watson."

"Watson eh? I know a Watson. You wouldn't happen to know him would you girly?"

Before Ami could utter another word, my grandfathers friend and a dear friend of mine walked into the room. It was Dr John Watson. Before I could stand to greet him, Ami stood and said simply one word.


The End

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