The Beginning at the End

"Finished. And it took less time than usual. Now to call Detective LaStraude to inform him of my findings." I stood with a yawn, and stretched. Working all night is a tiring business, you know.

"Craig!" I heard my best friend of seven years shout, as she ascended the creaking staircase. I hastily hid all my notes and case files, and ended the call with LaStraude hastily.

"Come in!" I calmly replied. I gathered my belongings, and we headed out the door and to school.

* * *

Oh, my sincerest apologies, you must be wondering who I am. Please allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Craig Sherlock Holmes and yes, I am related to the Sherlock Holmes. But not the one you're thinking of. My grandfather never solved a single police case in his life.

* * *

We soon arrived at school and the day had begun. First and second period went by without hassle, and break was soon upon us.

"AJ...?" I said as I pulled my friend aside.

"What's up?" She replied.

"I have something I need to tell you. I haven't been entirely honest with you." I confessed.

"Haven't been honest about what?" She questioned me, a suspicious tone in her voice.

"My life." I replied, with a sigh. 

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that my life is the reason I can't hang out at the weekends, and it's the reason I can never make it to any of your parties."

"Yeah, why is that?" Folding her arms, she stuck her hip out, frowning up at me. 

"Well, I solve police cases in my free time. I'm a Consulting Detective with the police."

"You're...what?" She said with shock made apparent in her voice

Just then, my phone rang. No surprise; it was none other than Detective LaStraude. I frowned. He didn't call me during school hours often.

"Please excuse me, I have to take this." I moved to one side and answered the call.

"What can I help you with Detective?" I said, a smooth smile appearing on my lips.

The End

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