Sherlock Holmes comes back to Baker Street with a gruesome discovery so Watson and he go try unveal the conspirascy but they stir something bigger

The man with the scarred face,recently broken nose and wide scarred mouth watched Baker Street with intentive eyes as Sherlock Holmes hopped out of his cab ,he looked left  and right because of his sixth sense. He hurridly walked into his house where he was greeted by a rosy red cheeked woman.

''Ahh Holmes ,I've missed you! ''Watson exclaimed.

''My dear Watson I've missed you too''Holmes boamed but suddenly his face hardened as if he were delivering grave news  ''I think I was followed by men who know what there doing ,first of all a man in my carraige on the train from Manchester which by the way the case went splendid I'm so sorry that you didn't come ,Watson for you were away with Mary ,secondly after the train journey a man bumped into me somewhat deliberately which was aterrible experience for he smelled horrendous ,thirdly a cart drawn by two beautiful black stallions followed me my whole journey and last I felt eyes on me as soon as I got out of my cab.''

''Wow Holmes even after all these years you still dazzle me with your deductions ''

''Well Watson , I am very tired so I will bid you farewell for the night ''

Watson watched as his friend Sherlock Holmes walked purposefully into his bedroom where that great mind of his was silencedfor the night.


The End

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