Go to bedMature

You say it has been a busy day and you want to go to bed.

Then is chaos for a while as your cousins rush into the bathroom and then change into night dresses. Melly comes out and tells your sister that she is ready. Your sister lifts Melly's nightdress and you see your cousin’s privates. It is the first time you see a girl that way. You decide to look other places, to show respect to Melly. However you can’t stop laughing when you see Melly getting a diaper on.

Your sister gets upset, and tells you not to laugh at Melly. It is not her fault that she wets the bed.

You whisper that you’re sorry.

Then another panic starts. They ask what you should wear to bed. You tell them you can sleep in briefs, but your sister says no.

Kyra saves the day by giving one of her nightdresses.  You wish you would wipe the smile off her face.  You take the nightdress and slowly put it in. You make a fist behind your back as if they tease, you will throw punches. They have every right to tease, as it’s a yellow nightdress with lace around the neck and arms. There is a lady bug on it.

They do not tease you.

Your sister then reads you all a story. No one ever read a good night story to you before.  It is about a princess and you think it’s a sweet story.

Then your aunt sings a song, waiting to you all sleep

The End

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