You can use your cousins old clothesMature

Your sister looks at you and then at the bills. She sighs and then looks at you and the two girls. 

"You do not mind girl clothes?"

"No," you lie as you explain you wore them at the studio and the only problem is people thought you looked better as a girl than a boy. 

Kyra smiles and said it’s true. 

Your sister plays with the calculator a bit more and says, “We want you to be part of the family. We want you to feel secure. I am seeing if I can find money for your clothes, as I do not want to force you to do something”

Kyra pokes you

You tell your sister that you really do like clothes boys and girls can wear. You think that boys even should wear a dress.

Your sister gives you a hug and says you are the same size as Melly, very small for your age. Melly argues that she is taller.

Your sister tells Melly to be quiet and then says they will look at old clothes Kyra has, and see if any fits you.

 What do you do now?

The End

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