The boy you seen with tights onMature

You look around and you see a boy that you seen earlier.  He is wearing shorts and tights. You stare at his legs. There is something about them that makes you stare. 

He tells you his name is Paris. You start laughing thinking it is a girls name. He points at the dollhouse and says that is where it is. 

You tell him that you were just cleaning it. He smiles and sits next to you and starts playing with the dollhouse.  You try to push him away and say dollhouses are for girls, and you are just cleaning it. The janitor will take it away sometimes. 

Paris laughs and says that he has seen you playing with the dolls. You look at him and thought he looks like a girl. You shrug your shoulder and start playing family with the dolls. 

Time goes by and you think Paris is cool. You know he is a sissy but you admire that he does not let it bother him. He has a heart of gold and you knew he could be your best friend, just only if he was not a sissy. 

do you ask him if you can be friends?

The End

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