Play with the dollhouseMature

You need to take your mind off of things. You have only got bad news. The studio no longer needs you. Your parents no longer needs you. You are in a room with two bullies. Your new clothes looks like something a mommas boy would wear. 

You sit down by the dollhouse. You start to dust the furniture in your corner. The dollhouse was really dusty. You start to dust it and the furniture and dolls inside it. 

After you do that, you sit and start playing with the dollhouse. You think the furniture should be set up in another place. You start moving the furniture around as you imagine the family that live there. You are sure that they love their son, and just don't send him to Hollywood so he can make enough money that they can live in a beach. You are sure your sister would love to have you... i mean the boy living in the dollhouse... 

This family is happy and now they have a great house. You get lost in this world and do not notice the time going by. 

That was until you hear a voice behind you. 

Who is it?

The End

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