Ask why the dollhouse is thereMature

ou try and not pay attention to the dartboard. It is a bit scary to think about. 

You look at the other two boys, who has not even said hi or welcome. You introduce yourself

One of the boys say, "I am Mike. We know who you are. You are the washed up child star that made all those crappy movies.!

The other boy stands up and comes over and starts feeling your hair. You think its gay he does that, but you do not want to upset him. He smiles and says, "Ohh. the girl likes when I play with her long hair. I see she got all ready for us. Look. she is even wearing make up. I really do like your eye shadow."

You move away and say that you are not a girl. then you ask why there is a dollhouse?

The two boys are still teasing that your hair is long and the fact you were making make up. 

Do boys not understand that is what the stylist taught you? sure you have make up on, but you really had to look close to see it. 

Mike tells you that the doll house is for you. They found it in the attic. 

You call him jerk, You are not a girl. 

Tom warns you that you are under their care. Treat them with respect. He then tells you to unpack

What do you do?

The End

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