Get up and walk inMature

I stand up and walk in the headmaster's office. I sit at the chair. This must be like any meeting i had with someone who was at the studio. They would say that I was talented and tell me what to do. I expect the headmaster to tell me that he was delighted i was there and he would make me as comfortable as possible. 

The headmaster looks at me and asks was Sebastian not waiting before you? You shrug your shoulders. 

The headmaster tells you that he hears you are a famous child star. Then he shrugs his shoulders and says it does not matter. He never seen your films. He asks why you are making make up and is it not time to cut your hair?

He mumbles that if he met you on the street, he would think you are a girl. 

Then he asks if you wet the bed. 

You get shocked and say no!

He tells you about another boy tried that, and as a punishment, he now wears diapers. 

The headmaster then says, "You may think you are a star, but here you are just like any other boy. You will get no special treatment or you will not be better than the others. I am going to put you in a room with two older boys. That is a custom here"

What is your response?

The End

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