Ask the boy next to you about who just walked byMature

"Excuse me, but why is the boy that passed us wearing tights?" You ask the boy. 

"Ohh him... He is a sissy. One or two boys here are like that. They dress and act like girls Their one wish is to make some man happy"

I think my mouth opens wide as i figure that the boy in tights is gay. 

The boy sitting continues, "Yes. Sissies get teased a lot. They are girls and gay. I see you are wearing make up. be careful they do not think you are one"

You try to explain that you always wear some make up. All boys in Hollywood does it, and it does not mean that you are gay.

The boy continues, "My name is Sebastian. I know you. You are Alexander Angel. I am a huge fan. I seen all your films"

You smile and think you will give him an autograph later. 

The secretary opens the door and says who is next, what do you do?

The End

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