walk in the schoolMature

You put your brave smile and tell the studio boss, "This is is, a new chapter in my life"

You enter the school and look around. It smells of old polish and there are a lot of pictures of people you do not know 

You look at the schools name, "The Prince's Academy". You smile as you think it sound like the princess academy. The studio boss told you it was a boys school. There were no girls at all in the school. 

You walk slowly and wonders where you should go. 

A teacher comes up to you and says that you must be the new boy. He asks you where your luggage is and you just shrug your shoulders. You never worry about your luggage. 

He tells you to sit outside the headmasters office. 

You sit and you wait. You see a boy walk past you. He is wearing a pink top, shorts and tights. He looks like a girl. 

Next to you, another boy is sitting. 

What do you do?

The End

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