Deny itMature


You tell them that everyone says you look like Alexander angel. You try to say that you do not think so. then you smile and say that you doubt a famous hollywood star would be standing here wearing a bikini. The ladies laugh and say something like it would not surprise them as h looks like a girl in ahh his films. 

You walk away and want to cry. You think to yourself that you did not look like a girl in the films. 

You continue working all day and you are quite happy about the job. At times you think the customers are lazy, like they cant reach for a glass. But you are happy as it keeps you occupied. 

The two women were now sitting on a chair. One tells you her name is Miss Darby. She says that she noticed how hard you worked and said she wanted to give you suntan lotion on. It would be bad if you got a sunburn. 

You lay down and she starts putting the lotion on you. It was nice eventho she keeps saying how soft your skin is. 

Then she tells you to turn over. You do and she gets back to putting lotion on you. You like her kind smile. But it slowly disappears. 

She looks at her friend and pints at your bikini bottom, "Look at her, she has a bulge there. Is that a dick?"

You stand up and notice the tent is quite obvious. What do you do?

The End

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