Put it on, do not make Mom madMature

You take the the bikini. It looks so small. You could hide it in your fists if you wanted. You blushed as you knew this would show a lot of skin. 

The resort owner tells you that you can be naked. You gasp and say this won't be possible. She only wants a girl and you know that you do not have the body. You shake your head and say no . 

You put the bikini on. At first its hard as you have to figure out how it goes on. It would be easier if you painted it in, and maybe if you did, it would show less skin. 

The bikini is finally on and the woman looks at you and sighs, "You can call me Miss Hayes. The bikini looks lovely on you. However i see your clitty is bigger than other girls.If... If it gets much bigger then you need to com and take a break"

You blush. Does she really think it's a clit. 

The job is quite easy. If someone wants a drink, you ask the bartender. You spray people with water to cool them down. then you sit and chat with some people. It is great work, except the odd perv that tries to touch your bum. 

There are two women by the bar and they call you over. They want to speak with you. 

On says that you look like Alexander Angel, the cute boy that does all the films. Then they start talking about Alexander Angel. The fact that he is too pretty to be a boy and every time he releases a film it was full of horny men. They look at you and jokingly say....

"You must be Alexander Angel"

You go a bit white. What do you answer?

The End

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