You follow your momMature

Your head is spinning. You realize what you said yes to. You watch your mother go out and you hit your head against the table. The maid comes and ruffles your hair. She says that you are doing well. She knows its hard, but your mom is happy. 

You follow your mom, where she dresses you up like you are a doll. She puts a white sundress on you with white lacy panties and ankle socks and sandals. She looks at you and says there is something wrong. Then she smiles and puts a ribbon in your hair. 

You look in the mirror, you do not believe what you see, a little girl is looking back at you. 

You think twice about going out in public like this, but you promised your mom. 

Your mom takes your hand and you both walk to the resort. 

When you get there, The woman you met the nigh before greets you. She keeps telling you how pretty and sweet you are, and how the resort needs a place like you. She keeps calling you a pretty girl and princess. 

She tells you that you will be helping get customers drinks and cooling them down by spraying them. You will also be company to some, that likes to talk with someone. 

She puts your uniform down, it is a white bikini with golden edges. 

What do you do?

The End

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