You agreeMature

You look at your mom and say that you will work at the resort. You don't mind that they think you are a girl. The important thing is you will be around your parents. You admit that this new life after Hollywood is a bit strange and at times scary. 

Your mom says she has a final thing. The villa is very small so they will make a bedroom for me in a shed in the back yard. They use it sometimes as a bedroom when my sisters daughters visit. Mom said the only bed they have is the cot. 

you look at the maid and she just nods. 

You tell your mom that the bedroom in the shed is fine. They do not have to change it. You also slept well in the cot. You felt secure, so the cot would be fine. 

The maid supports you and says it is a big cot. 

Your mom asks do you wet the bed?

You say no. 

She whimpers it's a shame as she enjoyed when i was a baby. 

Then she says it's time to go. She says she will find me some of my sisters old clothes

The End

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