Talk with your momMature

The next day you wake up. Sleeping in a cot was actually quite nice. It has been such a long time since you have slept so well. You hear your dad snoring on the bed. You get up and walk the short way to the kitchen. The maid is cleaning and your mom is sitting over a cup of coffee. It looks like she has a hangover

She looks up and whimpers good morning, remembering you are there. You feel like crying, but decide you will follow the maids advice and act until your can get your parents love. 
Your mother says nothing for five minutes then notices your nightdress and smiles saying it looks pretty on you. She then explains that most children here on the island were girls, so she could not buy you any things. 

"I don't mind mom, I have a suitcase with me"

Your mom smiles and said that was good. Then she asked if you feel like you are a girl in a boy's body. You feel like a boy. You know people say you look like a girl because your hair and face. You see the maid, and she looks worried about how you will answer. 
You ask why?

Your mom explains that children needs a summer job, and the women i met yesterday needs a girl at the bar resort where she works. She think it could be a good easy job for you, and your mom and dad is always there. 
You looked confused
Your mom says that the women thinks you are a girl, and asked you to start today

What do you say to your mom?

The End

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