The Maids story is about you. You lay your head in the cot and start crying. The maid pets you and says everything will be fine. You do not understand what she is talking about. To you it seems like your life is over. 

You wipe your eyes and ask, "How can I make them love me?"

Alice sighs and says, "A child should not make his parents love him. But I understand what you are talking about. I will give you advice young man, and it is hard advice. So think before you do it. 
Your mom likes you as a girl. So don't give her any trouble and try to make her happy. 
If she wants you to sleep in this cot, let her. 
If she wants to dress you like a girl, let her. Deep down, she thinks you are one. 
If she wants you to get a summer job, say yes to her. 
this is like an acting job. be part of her her fantasy world. 
Just make her happy."

You sleep. What do you do the next day?

The End

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