Find your bedroomMature

The villa is very small. It only has a living room, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. You can not find a second room. Where did they expect you to sleep? The dog house?

You only see a double bed and a your old cot you used as a toddler. You see an old rag doll on it. You remember you used to sleep with it. You take the rag doll and fall on the bed, It has been a long day, so you close your eyes and fall asleep. 

You open your eyes and a maid is looking down at you. You noticed her earlier passing out some drinks. She spoke softly to you that you had to go to bed. sh slowly took off your clothes and put a white nightdress over your head. You can see it had fairy on it. You were too tired to argue. 

you ask why a cot and why you wearing a girls night dress. 

The maid said, "My name is Alice. Let me tell you a story. Its a sad story, but its so true. 
A busy man and woman had a girl. Despite the fact they knew nothing about children. The girl was their dream girl. Life was good until the girl was 16. Then she became pregnant. This upset the parents, and her dad kicked her out and disowned her. At the same time, the mother gave birth to a boy. He was not planned and his mom and dad was nt happy about it. 
No child should be born unwanted. 
He was ignored until one day the maid commented the baby had nice long eyelashes, especially for a boy. The mother smiled and looked at the baby, saying her daughter was reborn. From then on she considered the boy to have his sisters spirit in him. 
Still they did not know how to take care of children so when the boy was 4, he done a commercial. The studio then offered he can live in Hollywood and do films. So the boy was surrounded by maids and babysitters. Not a place to get hugs and love. 
He became very famous and had many fans, despite many that didn't like him. They said that he looked like a girl and was a sissy. There was eve a poll once saying it was a girl acting as a boy. It didn't help once when the mother was speaking with the press and said. "She" and not "he". So even to today, people think this child star has a gender identity problem. 
Now the boys career is over, and his parents were told he was coming home. His Mom does not want a boy home and his dad does not talk about it. They did not even know he was coming home and at the last minute they found his old cot. 
Its a sad story!"

You know this story is about you.
What do you do?

The End

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