They are having a partyMature

You go through your new home's door and look around. There is a party there. Can your parents not meet you alone on your first day back?

A woman in a dress that looks like a multi coloured curtain comes to you and says, "Who is this pretty girl". You try to say you are a boy, but she just talks and talks while rubbing your hair. 

Your mom comes to you and brushes your hair as well. "Its nice to see you sweetie". You smile. You try to give her a hug, but she walks towards another woman, "Ohh Hello Mrs Short, it's so nice to see you. I was just saying hello to my princess that just came home."

You sit in a corner watching all the adults drink. Then you wonder why your mom called you sweetie and princess. Looking around at the amount of alcohol being drunk, you understood why. 

You just sit there on a chair while they partied and hardly noticed you. You were used to parties in Hollywood, but you were the center of attention. 

you are very tired, what do you do?

The End

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