Your parents driver is waiting for youMature

You are tired as you walk to tøe arrival room, which is the departure room, bar and every other room. Your parents are not there, there is a servant holding a tag with your name it. This disappoints you as you hope your parents will be there with a big hug for you. Then again when did they ever give you a hug. 

You drive through some tropical place where there are huts and more huts. The streets are dirt and there are no malls. you wonder if there is any electricity here. 

You also notice that there are no children. You ask the servant. He says children have summer jobs. 

You get worried, and he sees that, and tries to console you, "Do not worry, no one will think you are a boy. you will not be sent to the mines"

That did not make you feel better. 

You are looking out the window. You wonder if your parents will still love you. They may think you are a failure. The only things they ever talked to you about was how to work hard and earn money. Now you were retired. 

You finally come to your parents house. At least it's not a hut. It's a small villa

What happens when you come in the villa?

The End

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