Agree with her demandsMature

You slowly walk out to your sister, she is sitting on the kitchen table with a calculator looking at bills. You suddenly realized you are in the world, not a hollywood movie. 

She looks up at you.  She looks tired but smiles. She asks why you have a pacifier in your mouth. You blush and say that you were crying and Kyra gave you a pacifier. 

Your sister shrugs her shoulders and says, "Its bad for your teeth, but if it helps, i have no problem"

You then look at her and say, "Sis, I know you are not rich and you cant use my money. I need clothes. Yo can buy those clothes at the second hand shop. I know you will try and buy boy clothes"

You look and see the two girls looking at you. 

You take a deep breath. 

"and.... and if some of the clothes are girlish, then that is ok. People say i look like a girl anyhow... i don't to be a burden"

What does your sister say?

The End

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