No way, she cannot decide over youMature

You spit the pacifier out and are ready to get mad, but Mellie tells you that her older sister knows magic and she can make your life hell.

You tell them both to leave you alone. You have a right to be sad with all the changes. 

Kyra shrugged her shoulders and takes out a wand and says, "Beddus Wettis". They both leave you alone. 

You fall asleep. 

The next day you wake up. You wonder how you could ever sleep in a pink room. You sigh as your back in reality and then you feel something strange. You finally realize that you wet the bed. You start crying again as you never wet the bed. 

Melly comes over and puts a pacifier in your mouth. This time you keep the pacifier in your mouth. You suddenly knows that Kyra put a bed wetting spell on you. 

Melly asked if you will listen to her older sister?

What do you respond?

The End

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