Run into your room and sulkMature

you run into your room and sit and sulk. Not only did you have to live in a princess room, but you will now have to wear girls clothes. You cannot help but let the tears come out.

In a way its good that you cry. The last few days have been big changes and lots of shocks. The biggest shock is that you do not get what you want anymore. At Hollywood, you were spoiled. Now you had to accept things you think is cruel. Why should boys wear girl's clothes?

Then you think of the press. What will happen when they take pictures of you?

Melly and Kyra are now sitting on your bed. Melly puts a pacifier in your mouth. You spit it out and Kyra just puts it in your mouth again. 

She says, "Keep it in while i tell you some things. I do not like that you are here. You are a spoiled Hollywood brat that used to get everything you want. You think all girls drool after you. The truth is more boys want to marry you than girls. Look at you! You are very small for your age, the same height as Melly here! Look at your hair. Its is long and your face is very girly. If no one knew you, they will think you are a girl"

This was not helping you

Kyra continues, "I can make life hell for you. People say I am not nice. Some calls me a bitch. So one thing you have to do is do everything i say. It is not because i want you as a slave. its because i care about this family. Mom is crying and she is worried that she will fail you."

You were now sucking your pacifier while thinking. Will you listen to her advice?

The End

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