Talk with your sisterMature

Your sister calls you out on a rocking chair in the back yard's porch. She tells you to sit on your lap. You both cuddle with your sister and watch the sun go down. You do not know when someone ever cuddled you. If they did, it was a scene a movie. 

You tell your sister, you like cuddling. 

Your sister tells you, "I remember when i was 16, i found out i was pregnant. I told mom that i was having a baby. She told me i would have to fend for myself. This was because she was pregnant with you. I was so bitter, because i felt like i was being kicked out. Every time i heard your name in the media, or seen posters of you, i wanted to hate you. You were a success and i had nothing. I can't hate you. I am so happy that you are here. 

You deserve a normal life. 

Mom and Dad does not want you. I looked into it and they invested your money wrong. the money that they didn't waste bought them the luxury house they have on that island. Don't expect them to come and get you. They only think about themselves now. 

You got mad because i cannot provide you a Hollywood style room, but when i left home, my boyfriend left. I have to work two jobs to survive. i don't even have time to date. I know you are in a girls room. But that is the best i can do. 

I do not think you will ever be close to Kyra. She is not jealous. She does not like an extra person in the house. In way she was next in command, and she is afraid she will lose this responsibility. 

I hope you will like living here. I do not want tantrums or drama. Do your best to fit in, even if this means doing what i say and while i am at work, Kyra is in charge."

What happens now?

The End

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