go for dinnerMature

You finish crying and you silent go out and see what there is to eat. You figure its just a bedroom and you only have to sleep it. You must have a million dollars in some bank account after all the films. You decided you will give this to your sister. 

Your aunt cooks Lasagna, and you try to smile as you sit to eat. 

The meal is very quiet and you can see the others are mad at you. You will not say your sorry as you do not think its your fault. Who tells an 11 year old boy he is to sleep in a cot?

This being said, you do not like the eyes that Kyra is giving you. Halfways through dinner she tells her mother, "I told you Mommy that this is a bad idea. The only thing Alexander is good at is being cute, being in movies and thinking the earth revolves around him..... Don't think im jealous. I am a happy 11 year old girl that looks like a girl. He is a washed out Hollywood star that looks like a sissy".

Sissy? What did she mean by sissy?

Melly smiles and says, "Next time you have a tantrum and cry, you can get one of my pacifiers"

This makes you laugh as you see how it could be funny

Your sister tells them to stop. She asks you if you would like to have a talk with her after?

The End

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