You get your own roomMature

She tells you, you are to see your bedroom "You have a room all to yourself. It is Melly's old room, I know it is rather small, but at least you have some privacy that way. Off course the girls are not too happy about having to share one room, from now on, but your whole life has been turned upside down, so it is more important that you have a place you can retreat to, if needed especially  until you have settled in."

Unfortunately I am in a pickle at the moment, because apparently all your clothes were paid by your movie label, and now that you are retired, they claimed them back. And buying you new clothes, will cost money which I planed to use to buy a bed for you. Right now you have to use Melly's old crib, since the news of you moving in came very sudden.

At the moment I either have enough money to buy you a real bed, or buy you your own set of clothes. So you can decide what do you prefer either sleeping in a real bed and wear Kyra's old clothes, or sleeping in the crib and get your own clothes, at least for the time being.

You decide to

The End

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