Go to a boarding schoolMature

You know you never have seen your sister, except at some openings of a few of your films. you get a Christmas card from her, but she is 16 years older than you and has two children. 

You do not want to go to some remote island where your parents are basically retired. You are not 60 years old yet. 

Your parents tell the music studio to just send you to a boarding school. you sarcastically think itøs nice they really want you. 
You tell the Studio boss that you will go to the boarding school. 

He decides to drive you to the school by himself. He looks worried and explains boarding school can be very tough. He says that you are not used to being with other boys. 

Tle limo where you drives up a long path. The boarding school looks like a Royal Castle. You see some boys playing football outside. 

The limo stops and you....

The End

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