Go and live with your parents.Mature

My career is over, at least for now. It's strange. Sometimes I complained that I had too much to do. I couldn't even go to the toilet without being in the tabloids. Now that is over. I am retired at the age of 11 

Quietness left. 

I could go to my sister, but she was 16 years older than me and has two daughters. I seen her at premiers but to be honest. i do not think that she wants me. 

I don't want to go to any geeky boarding school. 

I don't want to live with the director. That leaves one choice left. My parents, 

I do not know them very well. I remember mom as a stressed house mom and dad was tired of his endless tiresome job. Then after they heard 5000 times that i was a cute kid, i made my first commercial at the age of 4. The rest is history. All my money went to my parents and now they are retired on some island. 

I say goodbye to the staff i had. They were my real family. I ask where my suitcase is. They said Dad said i will not need one. 

I take the plane to the island, and get out in a very small airport. Would my parents give me a hug?

The End

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