Go and live with your married sister, that has 2 daughtersMature

You decide to live with your married sister. You do not know her very well but she is family. You did not want to live with your parents on some island where old people just get drunk all day. 

Until now, you are used to being the center of attention. You are a huge star. You are sure your sister will treat you like an idol. Maybe she would spoil you, who knows?

You find yourself in front of your sister and two daughters. 
"Welcome to our humble house Alexander. Its about time that you come. I have tried to see you many times, and you were always busy doing a movie or promoting one. Well a good things come to an end and you will now live here"

You feel like you want to loose your temper. Did she not understand that you were busy and had commitments. This was her first day taking care of you. 

She continues, "As you can see, its only me and my two daughters. Kyra is 11 and Melly is 6. Kyra is a few months older than you. I am proud of my girls. We have a happy life here. The only thing you have to do is follow our rules, respect us and not be a diva like the newspapers say you are"

She tells you, you are to see your bedroom

The End

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