Your name is Alexander, and you were the highest paid star in Hollywood. Being 11 years old, this is quite an achievement! However, Hollywood does not need cute boys at the moment. They want boys that looks normal. this means for the first time, you have no film to do. If you are adding to this story please keep it in the style of a "choose your own adventure" type book. That is keep the point of view 2nd person (The main character of the story (Alexander) is refered to as "You" - the rea

You just finished a film. It was a film you could be proud about. You were a brat in a private school and this meant you could be cool and funny. to be honest, you think this is the best film you ever done. However, your last few films did not do so well. It's good teenaged girls were there or you would be a flop 

The studio director calls you in the office. He likes the rock tshirt you have on and the shorts. You smile but know that he has more to say. You blush as you see him eye your body. You are no ordinary boy. You are very cute, with nice sandy hair that goes to your shoulders. You are small for your age, but that must be good for child stars, that should never grow up. Besides that you have an face of an angel, that thousands of girls kissed every night on their poster on the wall. The only thing that embarrassed you was your long eyelashes 

The studio boss says, "Your last two films did not do so well. Hollywood wants to see normal looking children, not super cute children like you. I like you. You are a diva on set, but you have talent. Its just a shame you do not look normal. I am tearing up your contract. You are now free to live as a boy and not work so hard."

You are shocked. 

The studio boss continued, "Your parents are on some island, and to be honest, when i spoke with then a few time, it seems like they were always drunk and using drugs. I told them the situation and they gave you the following choices...." 

The End

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