Hollow Prep School

Hollow Prep School is a boarding school in England for young ladies and gentlemen. It's famed for it's glee club that travels worldwide to win any competition needed. ((Note: This is a spin-off off of the spin-off Dalton by CP Coulter which is a spin-off of Glee - complicated much?))

Sometimes when you go to a new school, you get that feeling that everyone is sizing you up. So you walk a little slower, or a little faster to avoid the stares, you hold yourself within in case you do something that you don’t want anyone to see or that will make you seem out of place. You don’t want to stand out because standing out brought bad things on your head because you’re the new kid, the one everyone is waiting to trip up and make a fool of themselves so that they can relax because you’re just like them. Everyone has that feeling at a new school and the new kid of the prestigious Hollow Preparatory Academy for Young Gentleman and Ladies was feeling it even more so than normal. The reason for this was a simple one: she stood out.

To start with, she didn’t have a school uniform. That automatically gained her stares because she was dressed in skinny black jeans, not the grey tartan style skirt the rest of the girls were wearing. She was dressed in a purple t-shirt, contrasting sharply against the grey and blue uniforms swirling around her and she didn’t have a jacket like the other kids in their sharp dark blue blazers with the school crest on the front. And she certainly didn’t have any form of tie on, not any of the house colours for the boarders or the special ties used for one of the clubs she hadn’t figured out yet. She didn’t have the black painted leather ballet pumps that the girls wore with their knee-high white socks. She looked like she had just walked out of a public school into a private one and the truth was that she had.

She wasn’t anything fabulous. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in the school. In fact, she was plain. Pretty, sure, but plain and that suited her just fine. The problem was that she hadn’t got make-up on and her hair was up in a messy bun. She looked so out of place and every girl within her range was hiding away from the monster walking through the hallways to the office to collect her uniform. This…tomboy in jeans and wearing no make-up and making no effort to fit in.

The girl didn’t notice the tiny blonde in front of her until too late and she bashed straight into him, sending him tumbling into a locker with a groan. She gasped loudly, rushing over to him. “Oh my god, are you ok?” she asked, biting down on her lip as the boy looked up at her, giving her a smile.

“I’m good! I’m very bouncy,” the boy told her, dragging himself up to his feet and ruffling his hair. “Problem with being short. People can’t see you.” He chuckled a little, shrugging his shoulders. “You must be new! You haven’t knocked me over before. I’m Chris. Christopher Robin. And no, before you ask, I don’t know where the hundred acre woods are.”

“Wasn’t gonna ask. Promise. Nice to bump into you. But I gotta go get this stupid uniform,” she told him, sighing a little. “I’m Steph.” She gave him a shrug. “That’s just me. Have fun doing whatever it was you were doing before I bashed you. I’ll try and not bash into you again. I’ll make it my mission.” She winked at him, moving past him. Chris turned to watch her go, tilting his head a little. This could be interesting. 

The End

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