Hollow like your SoulMature


Things were going quietly on this warm April day.  The sun was shining bright on Viktor Walenty, a Polish-American with sandy-blond hair, and green eyes.  He had been on his way to his girlfriend Airlias apartment on the other side of town; briefly, there was a scream, and someone ran past him as though they were being chased by, perhaps, a rabid animal of some sort.  However, Viktor did not see anything, so he kept on walking.  He figured he should not waste such a gorgeous day as this.

Airlia, who was sometimes just Lia if you were close with her, was sitting in her living room and looking out off the balcony.  Sure, the day was pretty, but she would rather be in her apartment sipping tea, where she had complete control over her surroundings.  Viktor was coming over, besides, so she should be here at least until he got there.  The two would probably end up out on a date, dinner more than likely.  Viktor was not the kind of person to just come over and do nothing.  She placed her cup on the table, and ran a hand through her black hair.  She should probably put on something nice before he got there.

Lia had been right; Viktor had come dressed in a casual suit, which her little black dress went well with, and they had gone to a nice restaurant.  He had been staring into her blue eyes, and reaching into his pocket when a car crashed into the window on the other side of the establishment.  It flipped, and skidded to just a few feet away from them.  The driver was covered in blood, and the passenger had any number of nasty cuts and bruises on them, as well.  Viktor pulled Lia away from it, saying that they should not move them, and someone should call 911, but the passengers started slamming themself against the windshield, trying to break free.

He was banging his shoulder against the miraculously unbroken glass of the car, but how long would it stay unbroken.  Lia got the feeling she did not want to meet whoever was stuck inside, but someone went to try the door of the flipped over wreck.  The back was apparently crumpled, and the back windshield smashed, but it was inaccessible due to the pushed in roof at the back of the vehicle.

The woman who had begun trying to open the door for the trapped person, so they could get out of the car, finally succeeded in pulling the damned thing open.  The woman had no time to regret her choice; the man in the smashed vehicle lunged at her, tearing her throat out almost immediately.  Lia screamed as the blood gushed out of the wound, and the large chunk of skin in the man’s mouth was gleaming, and red.  She grabbed Viktor
s arm, ran toward the kitchens, screams of terror, and gurgled cries ringing out from behind them.  They kept to the back alleys as much as they could, seeing only terror and destruction on the streets.

What on Earth was going on?

The End

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