I don't see the point, to be honest, but here's another piece. Something of a story this time.

P.S. the censorship on this site is ridiculous.

Apparently simple jealousy is enough to ruin a relationship. A relationship that never really happened. It's very easy, just one click of a button. And they're out of the sight and mind. But if there had been any emotions or expectations attached this will surely leave a bitter after taste. And you will look for someone else to fill the void, but nobody else will be able to. 

You will tell yourself you can do better than this. But deep down you're somehow convinced you'll never amount to anything. Someone will always outshine and outdo you. And so you keep on doing nothing with your life, as if frozen to the spot, as another day will pass by without a purpose, leaving you with a hollow zombie-like feeling in your stomach. But you just wander aimlessly, looking about in complete indifference.

You have been repeating the mantra that you can only count on yourself and will do anything in your power to change the situation. But the truth is you don't really want to anymore, because it won't matter either way. Nobody will care or need you. Nor do you give a shit about anyone else, that's what you try to convince yourself anyway. You've accepted that, so why does it have to change all of a sudden? But if only this one person would be involved in your life wouldn't it change everything? Perhaps you'd start seeing the world through rose-tinted spectacles again. No, that can never happen...or can it?

The End

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