Top Ups and TalksMature

Berith winced as her veins crackled with electricity.

“I did warn you.” Gabriel said Berith smiled.

“It’s alright.”

“Just a bit shocking.” Rossier said his voice was dull and tired without his usual smug humour.

“Want some?” Gabriel asked Rossier's dark eyes looked up.

“You’ll burn yourself out.” He said.

“I didn’t know you cared.” Gabriel smiled “and I wont burn out just yet.” Rossier smiled weakly and held out a hand. Gabriel gripped the daemons fingers and watched as his eyes grew wide snatching his hand back after a moment.

“Bloody Hell.” He swore looking at his seemingly unharmed hand, he flexed his fingers. “I think I should take your threats more seriously.”


Berith was at the front of the group her hands flat on the floor.

“I didn’t know she could do that.” Dawn said quietly to Lou.

“It’s a gift that’s rarely useful,” Lou said “but in situations like this it can be invaluable.”

“So what is she actually doing?” Gabriel asked.

“She’s an earth elemental,” Lou said as if it explained everything. “she can see if there is anything alive on or in the earth, if it has a warm blood system she can find it, cold blooded creatures are a little harder.” Gabriel unconsciously bit his lip as Lou spoke.

“Gabriel?” Dawn frowned as the vampyre closed his eyes.

“I'm okay.” he growled trying to ignore the burning in his chest.

“Well, I’ll say it then,” Sylver interjected “we will need to feed soon.”

“We can…” Dawn started.

“no.” Gabriel snapped “no one has enough of anything, blood or otherwise.”

“Cant you take a little?” Lou asked.

“No point,” Sylver said Lou frowned not understanding Sylver paused for a moment. “Think of someone starving and you give them a handful of sweets,” Lou nodded still listening. “It tastes good, feels good but will essentially do nothing but make the wanting worse.”

“What he said.” Gabriel muttered.

“Your species is intriguing.” Van Hay said quietly beside Sylver, Sylver looked at the dark skinned daemon.

“Thanks, I think.” He smiled “and what about yours?” he saw Van Hay’s smile falter slightly.

“Enough.” Lou said gently “we should move on.” He stood and moved to Berith.

“I'm sorry.” Sylver said as Van Hay stood up. “I didn’t mean to pry.”

“It’s alright.” Van Hay said “I am a little different to most daemons I can’t blame you for curiosity.”

“I think you're beautiful.” Morgan said Van Hay laughed softly.

“Thank you.” He smiled his silver, razor sharp teeth flashed in the dim light.

The End

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