Exhaustion and MagickMature

Dawn looked at his watch as they walked.

“Four hours.” He muttered.

“What?” Gabriel asked breaking his long silence.

“We’ve been walking for four hours.”

“Do me a favour, Dawn.” Sylver grumbled from in front of them. “don’t tell me things like that.”

“sorry.” Dawn sighed.

“stop.” Lou called from the front of the group.


Berith crouched down closing her eyes, Lou stopped Maxwell from moving towards her as the daemon spread her hands out on the ground feeling for something.

“Berith?” Lou asked after a moment.

“the daemons have reached the keep” Berith frowned but there's magick down here its interfering.” She stood the colour in her face paling Maxwell caught her arm as she stumbled. “They’re moving faster than us.”

“Surely they can’t get past the doors.” Maxwell said.

“Under their numbers” Lou sighed. “Any physical defences are paper.”

“I didn’t see any other defences.” Maxwell frowned.

“There weren’t any.” Lou added.


Gabriel pushed himself to keep moving as his thighs and feet began to burn. He could see Dawn struggling beside him. Balthazar now led the group holding a dim magick light as Lou tried to regain some of his own lost power. The daemon walked just in front of Gabriel and Dawn and Gabriel noticed that Dawn watched his father closely.


Around three hours later they stopped Gabriel felt his legs fold beneath him as he lowered himself to the ground. Dawn flopped down beside him.

“Lou?” Gabriel said the daemons eyes flicked up with no emotion registering on his face. “I’ll lead next.”

“To be honest Gabriel,” Lou stretched his legs out “I think we are going to need someone with a decent amount of magick.”

“What about you?” Gabriel asked looking at him Lou smiled bitterly rising a hand his magick sparked and went out.

“nothing.” Lou sighed “its not recharging properly, it hasn’t since I came back. Dawn, can you lead with a light? Gabriel may I ask you too be a power point for a few of us?” Gabriel held out a hand but Lou shook his head. “not me,” he said looking down “I’ll be fine, but some of the others” he looked at Berith and Rossier both daemons were pale Rossier shivered uncontrollably his eyes circled in black.

“Lou,” Berith said calmly “we need to rest properly.”

“I know.” Lou said putting an arm around her “but I don’t know where we are or what's following us, I don’t know what else to do but keep moving.”

“Gabriel,” Berith said as the vampyre lit a cigarette.

“I know” he said “I only want a bit.”
“actually I wasn’t going to say about the cigarette,” she smiled as he passed the lit cigarette to Dawn.

“Then what?”

“If I can take a little magick from you I can check ahead and see if there is anything to worry about and check behind too.”

“My magick's harsh.” Gabriel warned holding out a hand “but okay.”

“I've probably had worse.” She said curling her fingers around his claws. 

The End

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